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A Blend Of Aesthetics And Nutrition – Food Trends In 2022



With a lot of social media food blogs and articles for the perfect recipes, thousands of food bloggers and nutritionists are vying for meals and desserts that are not just visually appealing but high in nutritional value as well. By looking at these foods, one can see the slogan of “less is more” being practically shown on the plates. However, the highly aesthetic presentation of the foods is what makes them snap-worthy and highly pleasing for the food blogs.

Some of the trending food platters and meals choices that are expected to gain more popularity in 2022 are as follows: 

  • Mental health cooking

Cooking is a form of art and art is supposed to be a source of catharsis or releasing of anxiety or frustrations. Being a way to express one’s talent along with creative genius, cooking as art is one of the best ways to create a mental and emotional balance. A sense of fulfillment, productivity, and happiness pervades the mind and body when the finished product (the beautifully and skillfully decorated) food platter is served at the table.

According to mental health experts, cooking, for men, women, and even children can be a source of relief for emotional blockage. Besides, healthy food choice is best for the body but the use of organic and balanced ingredients can only be assured if you cook at home with your own hands. Thus, made popular during the pandemic lockdowns, mental health cooking is going to further remain in vogue on social media food blogs.

  • Delectable vegan recipes

 When one is conscious of health, a big portion of vegan food becomes a staple diet. Many prefer raw vegan salads while others love to create artistically pleasing vegan recipes that do not seem to be vegan at all. From vegan “meatballs” to vegan “steaks”, a lot of creativity is being experimented with in the kitchens these days. The aesthetically decorated platters do not even give a hint of the real ingredients used in the making. Good for kids, no?

  • The “flexitarian” or environment friendly diets

The idea is to make a plant-based diet as 90% of your whole diet portion and meat as a mere 10%. With once in a while meat intake the flexitarian diet is flexible and environmentally friendly. This type of diet includes lots of home-grown plants, herbs, and vegetables that can be freshly grown and consumed. Yet another trend inspired by the lockdowns.

  • Vegan replacements of carbs

A lot of food bloggers have been replacing high-calorie meats and carbs with vegan alternatives that are highly appealing aesthetically and nutritionally. For instance, puff pastries, bread, burger buns can be replaced with thickly sliced veggies that give the same look but a far more healthy value than the regular carb-based foods. How about a cucumber-based burger with a scrumptious spinach bottle gourd patty in it? Or a cauliflower pizza base? Light yet filling.

  • Low-calorie elevated desserts

Why wait for the anniversary or a special date to order those high-end elevated desserts? Make them yourself.

With a small portion of ingredients (mostly vegan products), many food bloggers have switched to aesthetically pleasing and artistic-looking colorful deserts portions. The calories are counted and added mindfully for a small portion of dessert rather than store-bought huge chunks of puddings or cream cakes. The focus is, however, on the decoration and presentation which is the psychologically proven way of making people eat what they would rather not eat if presented messily.

So, how about a cute little plate of floral and colorfully decorated butter milk snack bites with fruits or a few pieces of peanut butter crunch with nuts in it?

Seeing the food trends continuity from 2021 into 2022 reflects a highly desirable shift towards healthy eating and balanced diets. After the pandemic fear and the need to take care of one’s body as a priority, healthy eating habits are gaining more traction both in real life and on social media. This is indeed the best way to move towards a self-care and generally healthy approach to life.

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