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An Efficient Employee Training Goes Beyond Training Sessions



Employee Training

With changing times, the dynamics of the workplaces are also evolving. The traditional methods of recruitments and training are no longer applied in both small and multinational corporations. Instead, more skill-based and wholesome ways of training and gaining experience are incorporated. In terms of employee training and guidance, employers also need to advance their skills and methods in many ways. 

One of the most prominent aspects of efficient employee training nowadays is not limited to the meetings or conference rooms. A long PDF file or a lengthy and tedious slideshow for rules and techniques are also not much appreciated now as the world needs rapid results instead of such slow processes. Therefore, employee training has taken a more informal or rather “friendly” manner which doesn’t burden the trainees with heavy regulations of strict rules. It unconsciously trains them for better performance along with providing valuable experience.

Training outside the training sessions

Here are some of the methods through which the employees can be efficiently trained without traditionally tedious training sessions:

  1. Skill-based short-term trainings

In the modern workforce, the significance of online training, learning, and upskilling cannot be denied. Now, the companies do not ask for 2-3 year long Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, they can also hire you on the basis of a short course that you may have taken online.

There are many courses available at platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. that can provide hands-on skills in a short and convenient timeframe. Such courses can be provided to the employees to take in their free time to upgrade their skills according to the changing work requirements.

  1. Hands-on application and experience

Instead of long lectures and time-taking training programs before actually letting the employees practically work in a professional environment, a direct hands-on experience through practical application can be far more effective. Give them a task, put them in the situation, see how they handle it, if they can’t then show them how it is done. Simple.

This can also make them aware of many situations and expose them to the pressure of working in a highly skilled and fast work environment where “less talk, more work” is the norm.

  1. Individual counseling and meetings

In many cases, the new employees are hesitant to participate in a group of colleagues and seniors. They might hold back their ideas and plans due to a lack of confidence or fear of being rejected. For such inexperienced employees, one-on-one meetings can be conducted informally. They can easily open up and show their mental approach towards their profession if assured of confidentiality and appreciation.

  1. Recording and replaying the sessions

Making use of the technology in the workplaces, the training sessions and discussions can be recorded. This will not only help those employees who missed the sessions but will also be a reliable tool for replaying in case of missing out on some detail. This can enhance the efficiency of the employees by individually checking the recordings, they might add something valuable to the sessions.

  1. Discussing over the lunch table

More flexibly and informally, the trainers can indulge in employee free hours like lunch or snacks periods and bring in some of the important topics to discuss. The employees will be unconsciously trained during such friendly discussions and be more comfortable with their seniors while sharing their ideas.

Any guideline or questioning doesn’t have to be limited to the training sessions and halls. A light chat over coffee can also bring in some brilliant ideas by the employees.

In modern workplaces, skills, experience, and confidence are more counted than degrees or qualifications. Thus, the employees need to be trained accordingly for highly competitive yet growth-oriented workspaces.

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