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Can Money Save Or Break Your Marriage?



Marriage and family life are highly dependent upon the material aspects of life that create comfort for the family members. Although a strong emotional bond and love can sustain relationships to a large extent, however, money plays a vital role in managing to fulfill the family’s basic needs. Without money, neither romantic partnerships nor a family life can sustain.

It is also true that money can’t buy happiness but money can make life easier and reduce the chances of conflicts among family members. When the needs are met and children’s wishes are fulfilled, happiness will prevail in the house. Imagine a hand-to-mouth family that can barely afford to educate the children or feed them twice a day. They might remain patient in the trying times but eventually, the parents may tire of the constant struggle to meet the finances.

Money is also important for ensuring a stable marriage as partners create a home where future kids are expected to be raised. Today, in the highly commodified world, children’s needs and wishes are largely connected to material aspects of life rather than emotional. For instance, today kids expect cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets for their birthdays, unlike the older generations that remained happy with simple toy gifts.

How to maintain marriage with less money?

Despite the need and importance of money, families can openly discuss the issues related to financial concerns. Here are a few things that partners can do to ensure a healthy married life despite having a lack of money and financial resources:

  • Don’t let salary difference define your roles and place

In a relationship where both partners work (often more than one job), they tend to have less time for their personal lives. This can create irate behaviors and frustrations that can lead to heated confrontations and misunderstandings. Often these erupt in unhealthy ways which can be in verbal or physical forms.

The difference in earnings can sometimes remain on the back-burner and can surface during arguments. Make sure both partners should not let these differences create a hurdle in their relationship. These differences can sometimes lead to life-long resentments and in severe cases, separations.

  • Be open about individual spending

It is necessary to be open about individual expenses. Hiding spending or doing unnecessary shopping without the partner’s knowledge can lead to conflicts. It is better to keep the partner’s confidence regarding all the expenses. Hiding, lying, and keeping secrets regarding money matters can become toxic for the relationship.

  • Set financial goal and expectations together

Financial goals and expectations must be aligned with each others’ goals. Financial expectations are often sensitive issues that can create a rift in relationships. Even children tend to expect a lot from parents to fulfill their material needs. If they are not met, they can become rebellious or disobedient, although it may not always be the case.

Thus, ensuring being on the same page while planning the family’s financial goals can keep the partners on the same page. This will ultimately benefit the family life in the long run.

Partnerships and family life can be a source of happiness and success only if maintained with a balanced approach. This approach must ensure the material and emotional well-being of all the family members. Once the basic needs are fulfilled, the emotional needs will also be catered to as the mind and body will remain healthy and calm.

Make sure the partners and family members collectively decide the financial goals and stick o them with devotion, sincerity, and loyalty.

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