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Comeback Of Creative Carpet Trends In 2022



Carpets are making a huge comeback this year. They are no more the old flooring option when you want to “hide” the boring floor pattern/design. They are now incorporated by the interior designers in the whole styling process as an important component. But this, they are more a blend of many materials, colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and purposes.

Here are a few fun and beautiful carpets trending around the world that are luring many into incorporating them in their homes. Some reflect simplicity, some coziness, some color collaborations, while some are being used for pure joy and aesthetics of them…

  • Sunny yellow hues for the summer

Summer brings in the liveliest color of all; yellow. However, light and warm yellow shades create a cozy and comfy atmosphere at home. These can be accompanied by bold and contrasting colored borders to provide a more colorful look.

One of the trending color choices is a mix of light yellow with bold sky blue. It would look much more classy if the blues take up the thick bold borders. However, a combination of yellow and white also never goes out of fashion.

  • Go bold and classy

If you have a minimalist interior, a dash of bold and prominent colors and patterns will stand out. This carpet piece can be substituted as huge designer art pieces as they can predominantly define the taste of the owner.

These can also reflect a desire for color and class with royal designs and eye-catchy color choices. It will be a striking maximalist contrast to your highly minimalist living room, for instance.

Ideally, dark blue shades can be placed anywhere for a more deep and attractive look. They are mostly seen in almost all cultures just like red. But this year, we can skip red for blues!

  • Bright, colorful florals

Floral prints are always preferred when decorating personal spaces. However, this year comes with huge bold prints on the floors that could match the furniture. This colorful and huge carpet can set the tone of your entire surrounding as you can choose the furniture to match the colors from it.

  • Soft plush carpets

Plush carpets can be comfy and beautiful at the same time. They can be used as small rugs on floors or as table/sofa covers. But as carpets cover a large space, they must be taken care of as they can stain easily. But of course, beautiful things always come with a price!

  • Checkered and tartan prints

The old countryside tartans are back. They are mostly combined with other designs, however, the plain old tartan prints still look classy.

Make sure you have one to give a simplistic yet trendy look to your place.

  • Color blocks/ geometrical designs

Bold and big colorful block prints are in. They put many colors in a single carpet piece. You can also complement your furniture pieces with it such as small square or cubic stools/ chairs/ tables. All these will combine to create a fun and experimental retro-modern look.

Geometric designs are always placed when one wants a trendy modern look. They can be used both as single-colored or multi-colored pieces.

Carpets are no longer an additional option for decoration. They now occupy a prominent place in the room as they can be used as the base for setting the whole tone of the space. Thus, make sure you update your spaces with trendy ideas and colorful and attractive floor pieces.

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