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Destinations to Visit in the U.S. While Traveling Solo



Traveling Solo

Solo traveling has been one of the most life-changing experiences one can attain. It is not just beneficial for the mind, but it has immense benefits on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Experts consider solo traveling as a form of expanding one’s horizon and enhancing physical and mental capabilities which ultimately bring joy, compassion, and a better understanding of life in individuals. This happens because a person is pushed out of their comfort zone and compelled to do things alone and gain the first hand experience. “There is a thrill, there is fear, there is courage in traveling solo”, Suzy Strutner. 

It is always a good idea to get away from the regular rut and stress of work-life balance, relationships, or personal well-being issues through travel. But are you confused about where to start? Here are a few destinations that one should never miss while traveling solo, especially if you are traveling in the U.S.

Finger Lakes, New York

This is an amazing place to place with 11 lakes and 120 wineries to explore. These are known as the Wine Tours which you can make by booking a boat for enhanced experience through the lakes. There are also some bonfires along the waters which offer yoga and meditation camps known as the Firelight Camps. Also, the warm and cozy Cayuga Lake has its attraction with the famous Inns of Aurora which will make you relaxed and super excited for the journey ahead.

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is for the tough ones, or so they say. Especially, if you are a woman solo traveler, the experts suggest visiting Alaska for making your mind and body stronger and courageous. This is because of the rough weather and tough travel through this region which activates a person’s survival instincts. It makes you experience nature’s glory, quietness from the madding city crowds, and calmness of the soul with adventurous days and soothing snowy nights. Get ready for the hiking and biking stuff in the quiet Alaskan forests and hills.

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 

This is a wonderful destination for a relaxing holiday. It has an amazing Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast which is famous for its spas and relaxation yoga therapies and camps. Also, the art galleries and the wonderful architecture of the Old Town are a sight to see. This is the ultimate seascape trip for the ones who need a restorative and relaxing trip.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a place for geeky solo travelers who are into art, architecture, and historical explorations. You will find Hocking Hills to be one of a kind for a marvelous countryside experience with waterfalls and hiking trails. These are known for their ecotourism with a calming forest cabin experience with a small bonfire and the birds chirping on the tree houses. You will remember this woodland beauty forever.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Want to have a dual experience of the bustling city and the quiet countryside? This small colonial New England town is a perfect place for the ones with a good taste in food and drinks. The amazing food stalls and luxurious restaurants will sway you with the amazing quality and experience. Also, this is place is well known for its microbreweries with amazing craft beers. Your nights can be memorable at Hampton Beach after a tiring day tour.

These are some of the prominent destinations that cannot be avoided while traveling solo in the U.S. These will make you explore yourself and understand different locations and peoples of various cultures. So, what are waiting for? Let’s get packing. 

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