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Eco-Tech Innovations Are Taking Over Every Industry



Eco-Tech Innovations

Eco-tech is making waves in every industry. It is the only solution for curbing climate change which is mainly aggravated due to the pollution and harmful emissions released by manufacturing and other industries. Many innovations are being employed in industries for eco-friendly development so that environment could be saved from the harmful emissions of gases and pollution.

The tech industry has been experimenting with technology devices and systems which could have maximum utility and minimum harm to the environment. These are associated with energy efficiency, renewable resources, and recycling. In this endeavor, there has been quite a success in the world through the incorporation of eco-tech in almost every major industry which is responsible for contributing to pollution. These are incorporated in the every field to create awareness among the people about energy conservation and curbing the environmental pollution through sensible living which is eco-friendly.

Some of the prominent eco-tech innovations include:

  • Renewable energy devices

Renewable energy is being used in many fields. Solar, wind, and hydropower, in particular, are the most preferred sources of energy today. There has been an immense innovative surge in the production of electronic devices which are powered by renewable energy at homes, schools, workplaces, etc. For instance:

  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Solar water heating
  • Solar air conditioning 
  • Tubular skylights 
  • Solar ovens
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydroelectric generators
  • Energy storing batteries (e.g. Tesla Powerwall)

Countries like Iceland and Netherlands almost completely run on hydro, geothermal, and solar energies. The homes, public places, offices, parks, schools, and transportation systems, in these countries are powered by renewable energies. They also have roads that charge electric cars with solar panels installed in them. 

  • Electric vehicles 

The electric vehicles (EVs) create less pollution as their combustion is based on lithium-ion batteries which produce minimum carbon dioxide. However, some experts believe that the manufacturing process of EVs creates some pollution which must also be taken care of. Overall, EVs are a better replacement and a feasible solution to reduce electronic waste and pollution from conventional combustion engines. 

  • Advanced waste management systems

Waste disposal systems have been incorporated in public and private sectors which ensure safe and efficient waste management. The machines convert waste into recycles material that is used in the manufacturing of new products. These machines can also separate harmful and harmless waste and categorize it accordingly. The waste is then turned into landfills which are already devoid of carbon dioxide as most of the material is already recycled.

  • Energy-efficient infrastructure 

The eco-tech has helped create eco-friendly infrastructure which is not just powered by renewable energy but can also be a source of producing more energy. For instance, the advanced sensors in the buildings allow the lights to turn on and off with the movement of the inhabitants. This saves energy when the rooms are empty. Some examples of energy-efficient buildings include:

  • One Angel Square, UK
  • Powerhouse Kjorbo, Norway
  • The Edge, Netherlands
  • The Bullit Center, USA
  • Manitoba Hydro Palace, Canada
  • The International Renewable Energy Agency Headquarters, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Vertical farms

Vertical farming employs the controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology which is used to produce plants in controlled temperatures and conditions. Through artificial control of light, temperature, humidity, gases, fertilization, etc., the farms are grown and taken care of. These are also known as the vertical hydroponic greenhouses which not only help clean the air but are also a source of indoor vegetation and can also work as research facilities. Some world’s biggest vertical farms include AeroFarms (USA), InFarm (Germany), AgriCool (France), CropOne (Dubai), etc.

Climate change is showing its effects at an unprecedented rate, causing a loss of life, property, and billions of dollars across the globe through extreme climatic events. The only solution is to conserve energy and use renewable sources for a clean and environment. If pollution is not curbed now, it will bring the world to a dead-end soon. Therefore, eco-tech and green solutions must be incorporated in every walk of life.

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