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Global Gender Inequality – What To Do?



Gender Inequality

Gender inequality pervades the global political, economic, and social landscapes. It is something so deep-rooted that despite efforts being taken for centuries, it still lingers like a sore wound. In the modern world, gender inequality is not just limited to women, but has now extended to the LGBTQ+ community and children as well. However, with the awareness campaigns and rigorous efforts like global marches and demands for equal rights, a lot of positive changes are also seen, although mostly in the developed countries for now. 

Gender inequality is seen in politics where women are still considered secondary or incompetent when it comes to giving them political responsibilities. Even in developed European countries, there is still a huge pay gap between men and women for the same jobs. If this is the condition of women politicians, imagine the lack of respect for the LGBTQ+ community!


WEF’s Gender Gap Report for South Asian Countries, 2021

Similarly, the social and economic limitations for women to grow as individuals, which are mostly rooted in unfounded cultural or religious misconceptions, are one of the many hurdles that stop them from visualizing their true potential. Many talented women are not “allowed” to work or showcase their talent because they are overburdened with household responsibilities.

In third world countries, girl education is not much favored, especially in the rural areas where traditions are more predominant than modern social values. It is disappointing and sad that the majority population gender is barred from contributing to society. How can the countries flourish without this untapped potential? 

Disturbingly, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Report on Gender Gap, in the year 2020 (in 12 months), the gender gap grew by 36 years! It is an alarming increase in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant unemployment. Many companies made layoffs that mostly included women and this once again showed that talented women are still not appreciated when it comes to preferring men (even if they are of much less professional caliber). 


WEF’s Gender Gap Report for Southeast Asian Countries, 2021

The United Nations, while touching the matter of gender disparity and income inequality during the pandemic states that “While men’s economic activity returned to pre-crisis levels shortly after preventive measures subsided, the impacts on women’s economic security and livelihoods lasted much longer”. This shows that women lost their livelihoods more than men, in fact, they were more burdened through online jobs as they were juggling work and family. This has also created mental and emotional instabilities and depression in women. 


What can be done to close the gender gap?

For a healthy and prosperous society, both men and women need to work side by side with equal opportunities and rewards for their contributions. Without equality of work and pay, no nation can close the gender gap.

Governments can devise policies to ensure women’s participation in political, social, and economic arenas. They can be treated equally and with respect at workplaces and social spaces.

Moreover, a holistic socio-cultural change can be brought in through media awareness. Social media and youth campaigns play a huge role in spreading awareness and changing trends. Thus, all these platforms must work together to create a healthy and lasting change to close the gender gap.

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