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Most Appropriate Business Ideas In The Time of The Pandemic




The nature of employment and the workspaces have drastically been affected by the socio-economic and environmental changes brought by the pandemic. The majority of the people have either switched to online platforms and altered the nature and execution strategies of their businesses or are now considering this to become a regular method of business for them. 

The Covid-19 dilemma of 2020 has created a sense of uncertainty when it comes to investing or beginning a new business or enterprise. The world has shifted to a rather safer zone i.e. Internet, and it has proven to be effective. The online world has gathered much pace as hundreds of businesses shifted to online platforms, further altering the modern business strategies and enhancing the significance and need of the online world.

Technology, fortunately, was ready for this! It seems like everything was already built for such a thing, but maybe the future came fast with the sudden wave of the pandemic. Be it education, healthcare, commerce, entertainment, almost everything has already shifted online.

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However, with the gradual easing of the pandemic restriction in the world, businesses are once again soaring. In the wake of lockdowns for a whole year, many businesses faced dire losses which they are now eager to recover. 

If you are looking for a new business to invest in, in these potentially “risky” times, here are a few safer options that won’t harm you even if (God forbid) another wave of global lockdowns strikes the world;

  1. Online Consultancy

As mentioned above, everything shifted online at the peak of the pandemic. Online education, telehealth services, online mental health consultancies, online pharmaceutical services, corporate companies, etc., everything was based on virtual communication. 

One of the most needed jobs in this scenario turned out to be online consultancy. You can start your consultancy firm for various niches. For instance:

  • Business
  • Real estate
  • E-commerce
  • Education 
  • Healthcare 
  • Finance / banking / accounting / crypto
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Social media
  • Project management  
  • Human resources
  • Communication 
  • Leadership 
  • Career counseling 
  • Information technology
  • Legal advice, etc.

These industries for online consultancies have grown rapidly during the pandemic.

  1. Online Teaching, Counseling

Since the educational institutes were closed during the pandemic, education shifted to online platforms. This innovation has now become an easy way of passive income for many educationists. With the ease of remote learning, many online courses and counseling services are being offered. This has now become a new method of teaching and learning.

  1. E-commerce – Online Selling, Reselling, Drop shipping

You can sell anything online these days. Just make sure you actively and efficiently make use of the online platforms, especially social media. You can sell your food, artwork, clothing, shoes, anything.

Similarly, online reselling and drop shipping platforms have also boosted this industry and have created new job opportunities for many. Amazon, E-bay, Aliexpress, etc., have seen a remarkable increase in affiliate marketing and drop shipping sellers. Many have taken this as a full-time income source instead of a passive income method.

  1. Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies have sprouted during the pandemic as people needed immediate medicines, lifesaving medical equipment, personal protective equipment (PPEs) at their doorsteps. This enhanced the online pharmacy business and many new pharmacies emerged online. Thus, online pharmacy can be a good choice of business line in these times. It also requires very little resources and investment other than an efficiently optimized website and a quick delivery service.

  1. Online Marketing, Freelance Content Writing, Transcription Services

With robust online marketing campaigns these days many people, a lot of them being students, are offering their services. Marketing can be a good source of income along with content writing and transcription services. These do not require much investment, your skills and education will help you.

Other than these businesses, one can also opt for home care services, cleaning services, mobile food trucks, lawn care services, pet-sitting services, home improvement, etc. Although being much in demand, these are more physically dependent services rather than remotely based. In the uncertainty of the pandemic, it is better to choose a safer option, though.

Choose wisely and invest efficiently.

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