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Portion Control With the Trending Bento Boxes



Portion Control

Bento boxes are trending on social media because of their unique features from a health and utility perspective. These have originated from Japan and are common in Southeast Asian countries. They are mostly used as lunch boxes for healthy and properly Portion Control insulated meals that remain fresh for long hours with maximum safety and organization.

However, since these bento boxes are perfect for balanced meals, why not use them for portion control for weight loss or clean eating? This can be a good idea as the compartments in a bento box are of standard sizes which can be used for a perfectly measured Portion Control diet. 

Lets’ see why bento boxes can be a good option for a healthy and balanced diet:

  1. Perfectly-sized portions 

The bento boxes are designed to keep the food portions balanced for each meal. The portion spaces are standard sized so that adults and kids alike can enjoy a balanced meal i.e. nothing more, nothing less than a healthy size for each portion. Therefore, these are good if you are looking for measured healthy size meals that can provide just enough amounts of nutrients your body requires. 

  1. You can bring in the variety

The bento boxes have different sized compartments i.e. a large one (traditionally for the rice, in Japan), two smaller ones, an even smaller one with a lid for sauces, dressings, etc. These are the standard portions however some may have more options. Due to such spaces with various sizes, one can bring in a lot of flavors without mixing them, of course, and can show creativity for every meal. For instance, you can add sandwiches, nuts, fruits, dressings, even soups, small treats like sweets, etc., all for a single meal. Thus, variety will make your meals more appetizing and balanced.

  1. The food stays fresh and healthy 

Some bento boxes also come with the insulation option which keeps the food fresh and warm for long hours. Even the ones which do not come with this option, are also designed to keep the meals fresh with air-tight and non-leaking packing. So, if you are health conscious and want to enjoy every meal fresh, a temperature-control bento box is the best option for you.

  1. Makes you aware of what you are eating

When you consciously check the size of your meals, you become aware of how much you are consuming for each meal. This is a good habit of conscious eating which provides a balanced portion for each thing you are eating. It also motivates you to bring in some variety every day to keep all the nutrients balanced. 

  1. You can carry them anywhere safely

The bento boxes are safe and easy to carry anywhere as they are compact enough to fit in your school or work bags. The food inside remains separated so that the texture and flavor are preserved for each thing. Also, the boxes are compact so one does not need to worry about overeating or unnecessary eating. They can be taken anywhere carrying a healthy-sized meal in the, for you to have any time.

The traditional bento boxes were a smart innovation for a healthy lifestyle in which food plays an essential part. That is why the Japanese and Korean people invented these boxes to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for kids and adults alike. Thus, for someone on a diet and clean eating, the bento boxes can be used for motivation to switch to a portion-controlled diet.

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