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Practicing the Art of Critical Thinking in Everyday Life



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When it comes to critical thinking a negative aspect of viewing things pops up in the mind. Usually, people view the word “critical” as judging or too sensitive in perspectives, Practicing Art though this is not the real meaning of the critical being.

There have been famous personalities like Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Kant, Freud, Einstein, etc., who have been famous for their way of thinking which was critical. It is a method of understanding things in a way that examines a phenomenon from various perspectives, and while in the case of human emotions, critical thinking makes us “observe the problem from the opposite side’s viewpoint”, Sigmund Freud. 

However, critical thinking is an art that needs to be practiced and applied in day-to-day lives rather than just presenting it in books or intellectual conversations. Once this art is mastered, Practicing Art improves its personal, professional and emotional issues and relationships, intellectual horizons become vast, and life becomes easier.

How to Practice Critical Thinking? 

Some basic principles that will help a person practice critical thinking in everyday life. For instance:

  • Observation 

Observation is the basic principle of understanding anything. It is a habit or a trait of human beings that remain active from childhood. However, close and keen observation with a clear and unbiased mind is what a person requires for understanding any problem or issue at hand.

  • Objectivity

Objectivity makes us see things clearly from all sides. It keeps us unbiased regarding an issue with pre-conceived notions of right and wrong. When dealing with a problem to find solutions for it, be it a complicated issue at work, resolving a quarrel with a partner or among siblings, or anything of that sort, objectivity will make you consider all facts, figures, possibilities, along with the grounds of conflict from both sides. This will make you decide or solve the problem in a practical and a fair way.

  • Analytical Thinking

Any issue can be resolved if it is broken down to its components from where the actual reason behind is deciphered. Once the reason is understood, it can be amended or tackled. However, the first step is to understand the problem step-by-step in a systematic way. The gathering and then evaluating of the data is the main aspect of being analytical.

  • Relevancy and Accuracy 

Many issues in our daily lives are sudden and abrupt. For such issues, the only way to deal with them is to remain calm and consider their relevance in your life. Every act needs to have some relevancy and accuracy before being considered worthy of examination. Thus, see how things connect and complement each other, only then one can find a solution.

  • Listening and Communicating 

One of the best qualities of any person can be to be able to listen more and speak/ argue/ comment less. Listening gives our mind enough time to calmly understand the issue and think through it while it is being explained. In cases of humans, listening gives the other person a chance to fully communicate their emotions and concerns which can be then inferred for a solution or advice. Thus, the best and first and foremost form of communication is listening. 

  • Compassion and Empathy 

Compassion and empathy come when a person is humble and down-to-earth. This is what makes you fair in dealings and generous is letting go of the harsh aspects and forgiving the hurtful things in life and relationships. These traits are essential for creating a thoughtful personality that ponders over things and tries to find solutions, Practicing Art instead of creating problems for others. In other words, compassion and empathy make us healers, not the ones who hurt. 

Dealing with situations that require critical thinking is an art that needs to be practiced. It not only nourishes one’s personality but strengthens personal and professional relations. Thus, bring this habit of critical analysis and thinking in every walk of life to make yourself more aware and conscious of your life and its intricacies.

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