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Satisfying Online Makeup Tutorials Working as Stress Busters



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There is an ongoing trend of creating ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos on social media which usually gain a huge fan base within weeks. This is because of the therapeutic effects of ASMR sounds and the feeling that the viewers get from them. In psychological terms, these sound effects provide a satisfying anti-stress effect which is quite “addictive”, according to some experts.

Similarly, makeup tutorials have also gained popularity as they are not just targeting a huge female population’s needs, but is also providing the same anti-stress, feeling when accompanied with satisfying colors, visuals, a combination of creative and unique patterns, and of course, the result: an on flaky look! 

How Does It Work?

Some factors make a normal makeup tutorial a source of providing a calm effect against anxiety and stress. For instance:

  • The aesthetics of it:

The mind is a complex thing that not only works consciously but unconsciously as well. It keeps infiltrating information in it and giving out the resultant feeling related to that information which can be either visual, verbal, written, or even as a thought process. 

The most appealing thing to a human mind is an aesthetic visual like a beautiful natural landscape, a pretty face, a colorful and fresh-looking dress, a makeover, or even a smiling baby. The colors are, however, one of the most affecting things which immediately change the mind’s direction and a person’s “mood”. One such example is the mandala coloring books which are scientifically proven to be of therapeutic effects for anxiety and other stress-related disorders.

Similarly, when a person sees someone painting on their face or hair with beautiful colors, smooth patterns, coherent strokes, and balanced results; it is a wholesome treat to the eye!

  • Reflects self-care and self-love:

Putting on makeup is a slow but steady task that is only worthwhile when finished till the end. That is when the results are seen. This task requires knowledge, understanding of the colors and mixtures, and patience with the gradual unfolding of the blends into a layered outcome. It also requires mindfulness, delicacy, care, and concentration which makes a person feel good about themselves. It is rewarding in a way that it makes a person feel worthy of spending hours on self-grooming which not only lifts the mood by making them forget about their worries but also boosts confidence by seeing the results. 

Besides, women feel empowered by seeing other confident females on screen, investing hours in making themselves look beautiful and outspoken about their choices and preferences through visual representations. These also reflect a powerful example of women taking control of their bodies and showcasing them in whatever way they want to.

  • The uplifting mood is contagious

Makeup tutorials are full of life. They are colorful and fun to watch with pretty backgrounds, mostly those “girly” ones that attract women. They are also recorded by cheerful and lively men and women who reflect positivity, connection, and happiness through expressions, dialogues, music, backgrounds, and the make-over products used.

All these things uplift the moods of viewers and bring a soothing effect on their anxiety or stress.

  • The scientific aspect:

When a person sees another doing a delicate act of self-care, they tend to internalize that energy. According to science, our mirror neurons get activated and our brain “wants” to do the same thing on ourselves. In other words, it works as a catalyst to perform the act ourselves. 

Similarly, these videos are planned and organized and reflect a step-by-step guide that is methodological. This makes a person trust the process and view it till the end when the satisfying results appear. Such trust also provides hope and anticipation for getting a beautiful outcome by the end of the tutorial.

There are many reasons one can indulge in makeup tutorials. All of them are mainly focused on reducing stress and anxiety from mind and body and improve self-image. That is why therapists suggest the use of the power of colors, patterns, intricate artistic moves, and well-focused activities for calming a distressed mind, all of which are reflected in makeup tutorials.

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