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Shopping For Gratitude Journals? Here’s How To Make Your Own




Gratitude is a feeling that not only makes us humble as human beings but also attracts better and positive things towards us from the universe. It is not just a spiritual but a scientific fact that when you are grateful for something, you emit certain positive energy into the universe which attracts better and larger things. It is all about the energy, frequency, and vibes that the universe responds to. Thus, gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions and feelings that are capable of multiplying the gifts we have already received.

There are many benefits of expressing gratitude and developing a gratitude-showing personality in every walk of life, on spiritual and emotional levels. This quality of human beings is what makes them polite, humble, and compassionate. Inculcating the habit of showing gratefulness towards God and fellow beings is a powerful and the most impressive trait that makes others respect a person practicing this virtue. 

Therapists and experts have suggested writing down the things one is grateful for on a daily basis. This habit will become a way of life and will shape our thinking which predominately turns into humbleness and positivity. With such a positive and hopeful attitude and mindset, a person becomes courageous in the face of adversity as he trusts the universe to solve his issues with just the power of gratitude.

Gratitude journals have become quite popular these days and many people are buying them as they reflect positive energy and serve as a therapeutic tool to remove the stress and anxiety of modern life. However, instead of buying expensive journals, one can make their own gratitude journal at home with some easy tips to follow which will help you to fill the journal appropriately. These include:

  1. Be consistent. Showing gratitude, preferably every night before sleeping, can not only help you spiritually but will also have the physical impact of calming one’s nerves and making you sleep peacefully. However, be consistent enough to develop a life-long habit.
  2. Keep it close. It is better to keep a small portable journal that can be carried in a bag or maybe in a pocket. This will make you write everything on spot rather than waiting for the night. You might miss something or forget later, right? Also, even when you are not writing anything, just having a look at the previous writings can boost your positivity.
  3. Mention every little thing that moves you. Don’t shy away to write the petty things; they can be moving enough for you to change your mood. Write everything that makes you happy, no matter how small or insignificant.
  4. Keep it simple. The journal is your private reflection of emotions and personal feelings; it doesn’t need to be scholarly or highly complicated in terms of language or expressions. Write it down as if you are talking to a friend, unfiltered.
  5. Be creative. Make drawings, put pictures, add cuttings, and play with colors. The more positivity it reflects, the more emotionally uplifting it becomes. 
  6. Stay away from the negative. Your journal is about gratitude for the positive things; not a complaint book. Don’t ruin the positive energy with negativity.
  7. Focus more on spiritual and emotional aspects rather than material things. Showing gratitude is itself spiritual which is mostly expressed in connection with some belief system i.e. religion or God. So, focus more on this rather than material things as spiritual awakening and strength have more power than material things.

When it comes to being grateful, it is considered an act of humility and good character. A humble and grateful person is immediately appreciated and liked by everyone. Thus, create your own way of being grateful through personal journaling and see the positive changes in your personality!

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