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Signs Of A Mature And Mindful Romantic Partnership




Romantic partnerships can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the level of understanding and maturity of both partners. They can be quite challenging if even one of the partners harbors negative traits more than the Positive ones and repeatedly reflect them through his/her actions. Such a relation is soon bound to become toxic. However, if both the partners, although luckily, have the same level of understanding and mindfulness in the relationship, then their lives can be blissful and wholesome. 

There are some traits and habits that can help build strong romantic partnerships, although such habits need time, commitment, and maturity to practice them with consistency. If both partners possess and practice these traits in a relationship, they can form a life-long bond of love and happiness:

  1. Not every conflict requires a conclusion

Couples, as humans, are not perfect. They have mood swings, temperaments, unresolved traumas, mental stress, financial, social and emotional anxiety, etc. which keeps them occupied. Sometimes, these things take a toll on them that can spiral into a serious conflict and lack of understanding on the part of the other partner.

In such cases, even the most understanding of partner might fail to help the other. They can try to sort things out but there are some things that only a person can resolve who is going through them. In this situation, a forced conversation, a fruitless effort to cheer them up, or even a slight joke might trigger a harsh argument.

Experts like Malcolm Gladwell suggest that “trying to resolve every issue is the issue itself” as most of the couples consider arguments as an unhealthy practice which should be avoided at all costs. However, in reality, arguments can turn out to be solutions only and when they are done at the right time and in a right manner. If you can’t do that, forget trying hard to resolve the issue “as soon as possible”, as Gladwell points, as this only brings further rub to the wound.

  1. Choosing the bitter truth over a comforting lie

It is natural to care for the feeling of our partners and anyone we truly love. We don’t want to hurt them with facts or reality. But this is unhealthy and an immature way to deal with. This might work when you want to save harsh truth from a child (although that is also not appropriate), but adult relationships are based on genuine sharing and a polite exposing of truth rather than lying to comfort the partner.

For instance, your partner might have some toxic or negative traits that bother you every day. A healthy relationship requires talking frankly about it with an effort to extend help to amend that flaw, rather than hiding and ignoring it.

You and your partner must build enough understanding to calmly listen and confront flaws of each other so that they could be mended for a better relationship. Thus, don’t hide things to avoid conflict, confront them with a willingness to break the cycle of toxicity.

  1. Knowing that you can fall out of love too

This might sound like a negative approach but the truth is that humans are always attracted to someone better and the feelings (well, not in all cases) tend to fluctuate after some time.

A mature and mindful relation must be aware of this and should not consider it a betrayal when a partner falls out of love, just as they fell in love. This is normal, however, the conflict arises when partners don’t accept this change of feelings and stay in a cycle of blaming and hatred.

  1. Respecting personal space

Usually, friends complain about continued absence when a person gets into a relationship. Sometimes, the partners don’t let each other spend time alone or on things they used to do before being committed into that relationship. This is a slow poison in the long run!

The resentment keeps piling up and eventually comes out with full force, mostly after years of staying together, but by then the things have gone too complicated. Therefore, it is better to understand that both individuals have a life of their own as well and they need to nourish it for staying satisfied and happy in the relationship. This way, the relationship will be a happy place, instead of a burden.

  1. Accepting the flaws

Flaws are unavoidable but the avoidable thing is to accept them wholeheartedly, instead of complaining about them. When you choose a partner, make your that you are ready to choose their flaws as well as you will be living with them for a long time.

A mature and mindful relationship will always notice the flaws and try to mend them instead of ignoring, avoiding, or complaining about them. Be mindful of who you choose for life along with their flaws and lackings which should be aimed at improving together with time.

Falling in love might be easy, but staying in love is not. Human feelings can falter with time, lack of effort, varied interests, continued conflicts, or lack of understanding. Thus, with a mindful and mature approach, relationships can flourish and bloom for life.

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