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The Danger of Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan




In the wake of the Afghan from a 20-year-old U.S. Occupation of the country, now the rules (Taliban) struggling to juggle a lot of things on political and economic fronts. The government structure is being set up in a rather confusing manner which makes the world doubtful of the method of the Taliban regarding governance. There are many reasons for a confused political state in the country right now due to many factions and political groups trying to obtain a place in the newly formed government. Amidst all this political upheaval, the risks and Danger of severe humanitarian crisis pervade.

The neighboring countries like Pakistan, Iran, China, and Russia have shown concern over the looming crisis and the consequent effects it can have in Afghanistan and the whole region. Even Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have also stressed the importance and need of curbing the growing humanitarian crisis, which includes poverty, illiteracy, health crisis, joblessness, inflation, refugee crisis, and the lack of food and essential items in the country.

Reasons behind the looming humanitarian crisis 

Although United Nations and other international NGOs are actively working in Afghanistan to help its citizens as much as they can, however, the crisis seems to be getting out of control. Let’s explore some of the prominent reasons that are taking the country towards a serious humanitarian crisis:

  • Extreme poverty

UN has already warned the world that “Afghanistan is at the risk of near-universal poverty” which means that the report suggests that 97% of Afghans will sink below the poverty line by 2022. The country is heavily aided-dependent which makes it further vulnerable to uncertainty in case the aid providers back off. Thus, a country with 38 million people is facing severe food and medical supply shortage which makes it highly susceptible to fall into the hands of extremism and chaos once again.

  • Lack of health facilities

Healthcare is the basic right of every human being but Afghans have never had much luck when it comes to hospitals, doctors, specialists, medical supplies, and immediate aid in times of emergencies. The country has never developed its healthcare system due to the continuous war and conflict. Although the UN and other bodies like the WHO and the Red Cross have been working in Afghanistan, they are still not enough for a huge population. 

  • Food insecurity and malnourishment

Being a poor and war-torn country, Afghanistan has never been able to develop self-reliance in food production. Also, the fighting had destroyed farms and agricultural lands which aggravated the food crisis. Although Pakistan, UAE, and the UN are providing food aid a huge population is still compelled to remain deprived.

  • Unemployment and inflation

The poor Afghans are forced to sell their everyday use items on the streets as there are no jobs and the prices are going higher. The newly formed Taliban government has still a long way to go to provide jobs and employment opportunities to the citizens which itself is a risky delay as people are dying of hunger and diseases. If it continues, the international community fears another wave of crimes and extremism emerging from such poverty.

  • The constant drive to flee the country

A huge portion of the Afghan population has been uncertain and scared of the Taliban take over as the memories of their harsh rule in the ‘80s are still fresh. This reason is enough for the people to flee the country which is also creating a frenzy for the neighboring countries. European countries have already shut their doors to the Afghans, although the neighboring countries are welcoming them. But this also poses a long-term impact on the host countries’ economy and the socio-political environment. Thus, due to the uncertainty of the future, Afghans are leaving their country.

The sudden Taliban takeover of Afghanistan came as a shock to the world. The roads and the Kabul airport were seen bursting with frenzied people trying to flee the country in any way possible. Although this initial fear of the Taliban had been smothered a bit after their press conference and the promises to establish peace in the country, the Danger of humanitarian crisis persists due to the economic and political crisis in the country. Thus, the international community, NATO, and the UN must provide all possible aid and funding to the Afghans – the U.S. Needs to contribute much more as it is responsible for the current destruction in the country.

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