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The Looming Global Threats In 2022 – Can Peace Be Expected?



Global Threats

A new year has begun and so have new aspirations resolutions. But, unfortunately, the global threats are still following us from the previous year. Can these be expected to disappear, lessened in intensity, or will they gain more momentum? Every person is finding answers to these questions.

We as a human race are facing some urgent issues that threaten our survival on the planet; climate change, advanced warheads, high-tech cyber security threats, global migration and humanitarian crisis, global economic stagflation, proxy wars, and global strategic alliances, and last but not the least, the strengthening nature of pandemics. 

The global think tanks and the experts at world affairs consider these threats to further increase and take the worst shape possible in the coming years. This prediction is concluded since the leading powers of the world do not seem to be willing to de-escalate these threats practically. Only words and verbal pacts are being enacted with little to no desire to make them come alive practically. One such example is the COP26 held in Glasgow in Oct-Nov 2021, which seemed to be quite biased and unwilling in implementing the devised principles and plans. India, China, and the US once seemed to dominate the meeting with their interests and goals towards carbon emission reductions. 

Climate change and the resultant extreme events are wreaking havoc all around the world. Untimely catastrophes like mass wildfires, intense earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, frequent storms and hurricanes, and the melting of glaciers and snowcaps in the Alaskan and Arctic region are issues of high concern. Unfortunately, not much is being done to practically reduce carbon emissions to stop the extreme events’ occurrences.

A lot has been achieved in terms of trying to curb the pandemic through worldwide vaccination campaigns however, the pandemic seems to be adamant about reappearing in various forms. But would the stronger and better vaccine formulas help eradicate the virus for good, or would it keep coming again with variants and mutated forms with stronger immunity to vaccines? Let’s see.

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and parts of Africa in terms of food insecurity and war-ravaged economic downfall have created a mass migration issue intensified by droughts and scarcity of water resources. Who would pay for the millions of innocent children’s deaths who have nothing to do with the dirty politics of the world leaders?

Two of the most dangerous threats to the human race are interlinked; advanced warheads and the high-tech advancements in cyber and virtual worlds. When combined, these two can create far dangerous repercussions to the human race than anything else. Especially in the regional and strategic alliances and groupings among the leading powers. The volatile situation between the US and China and the related competition among them in every field is further creating yet another global divide, just like the one witnessed right before the two World Wars.

Although we know the power of the United Nations but with a major influence of the US and China on it, can it actually practice its power individually and in an unbiased way to protect humanity? Similarly, other regional organizations like the OIC, SAARC (which is already dormant owning to the India-Pakistan rivalry), ASEAN, SCO, and others also seem to be dominated by one or the other regional power. In such a situation, there isn’t much hope for the planet.

Let’s hope and pray for a safe, healthy, and human-friendly planet because praying is the only way left for the common person to remain positive and hopeful in the prevailing situation.

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