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The Power of Habit in Increasing Productivity in Life



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Habits define our lifestyle and they reflect our personalities. The choice of habit forms routines, which ultimately shape our lives. There is a certain power in forming habits about things that help us either grow or deteriorate as a person, depending on the choice of things we do as habits daily. In other words, habit is a process of creating or destroying personalities and lives with a simple formula of repetition.

According to Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. If we look into the lives of successful people like Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, etc., we can portray them as the best examples of the people who lived their lives based on consistent habits and routines. Sometimes, routines might make us weary or tired, but if we stay persistent and dedicated with enthusiasm, these very routines turn into the key to success. 

When it comes to increasing productivity in life, be it work or in personal spheres, habits play an important role. There are many benefits of forming habits and sticking to them creates a consistent process of developing productivity. When a person regularly follows the same habit, he can master that act. For instance, waking up early in the morning at the same time will develop a strong habit of planning the day accordingly and in a predicted way.

There are notions about being stuck in a rut or getting bored with the routines. However, when one is interested in his field, let’s say, or a hobby they love to engage in, then this same routine can be joyful and fun despite being followed every day. The only thing that makes a routine boring is a lack of interest or reasons to remain enthusiastic about a particular act or thing. 

Habit-forming is also very important in relationships. The habit of forgiving, understanding from others’ perspectives, engaging in quality time and activities, listening to the needs and concerns of your partner, etc., all need to be inculcated in an individual through habitual practices. Once we develop these habits, our relationships and human bonding will be strengthened. Similarly, in workplaces, the habit of dedication, loyalty, persistence, and hard work will go a long way. These will keep you rooted in your values and will help you achieve your goal smoothly without the annoyance of being bored or fed up.

There is another aspect to forming a strong habit i.e. keeping a mind-body balance. This is due to the planned and predicted way of life in which you are in control of all the things, except for the naturally caused mishaps. Other than those, your pattern of life will not only be helpful for others while dealing with you, it will also be helping you to smoothly sail through your daily troubles. No one likes an unpredictable person who changes their mind often. Being consistent in work and predictable in personal habits is a sign of a person who is sure about himself and knows what he is doing. 

To sum up, habits must be formed, especially when they are concerned with our physical and mental health, work-life balance, dealing with others, or dealing with the daily routines and the troubles. However, forming habits also require will and understanding of the importance of habits. Thus, with the right approach, one can escape the irritating patterns of “boredom” in both personal and professional lives.

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