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Utilizing the Power of Meditation for Focus and Performance



Power of Meditation

A lot is going on in the world, all at once, isn’t it? But the problem is all this happening on the screens of our mobiles and computers through social media which not only hooks our minds to it, but also, makes us anxious to catch up with the pace. The urge to remain updated and “in” puts extra pressure on the minds which Power of Meditation adversely affects our minds and body.

With an extra and often unnecessary dose of information being poured on us from everywhere i.e. TV, social media, surroundings, a person’s concentration span reduces to an alarming level. This makes them lose focus on essential things like work, home, relationships, prioritized tasks, hobbies, etc. you must have often heard of advice like unplug yourself from social media for a while and take a break from work, etc. But these pieces of advice do not apply to everyone. The problem isn’t about the external forces which are changing our moods and mental health, but the internal chemical and psychological disruptions which create the stress of lack of focus which ultimately results in poor performance in life.

It is a normal behavior of every person owning a cell phone, to remain distracted and distanced while being in a group of people, as most of them are glued to their screens. This is not just unethical, but according to experts, it is like “destroying your mind and body’s natural concentration pattern and shrinking its capacity to perform better”, Dr. Andrew Weil. Oftentimes, even children are seen to focus on a lot of things at a time, watching TV while or playing with a pet while doing homework, for instance. This is a less serious case though, it gets complicated when these kids turn into adults and do many tasks at once on a computer screen. 

These days, due to the pandemic, the work-from-home lifestyle has further increased the issue of lack of focus in adults. They can be seen doing office work on their laptops while watching kids and pets and interacting with them, or while adjusting some household chores. This routine makes you lose interest in the work you are doing.

The Power of Meditation

Now the question is, amidst such a life of hustle and bustle, how can one maintain focus and perform better resultantly? There can be many ways but the most effective one is the Power of Meditation which not just enhances your focus, but also makes you more aware and mentally strong. 

Benefits of Meditation

• Relaxes the muscles
• Calms nerves and reduces anxiety
• A balanced and smooth blood flow
• Makes you practice patience and endurance
• Provides body balance
• Weight management
• Physical flexibility
• Increased focus
• Enhanced concentration span
• Activates all senses
• Helps to observe, understand and listen more rather than speaking or reacting
• More awareness about the surrounding, mind, body, and self
• Normalizes the breathing pattern
• Helps to sleep better
• Increases physical and mental performance
• Boosts emotional and sexual life by stabilizing hormones

Meditation does not require much time, effort, or excessive workout like cardio. It is an ideal mind and body balancing activity which can be done for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, at any time of the day. It can either be done as a guided meditation from the internet with soothing sounds and therapeutic voice or as a yoga practice with simple body stretching steps.

Meditation is all about focus on one’s body and mind and making in aligned with the surrounding and the chemical requirement of the body which make it function in a proper way. When you mind is working smoothly, the body will also respond in a positive way with increased performance in daily tasks. Thus, meditation daily must be made a routine in one’s life and taken as a source of rejuvenation to perform better for the next day.

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