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What’s Happening In The Global LGBTQ+ Community?



The LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other) community has made strides on a global level by not just coming out on the streets to demand their rights but by also being able to compel the governments to change laws according to their demands of equality. The last decade has seen some inspiring and unprecedentedly bold moves by the community to stand for equality of rights and social and political acceptance.

Despite such efforts, a lot of countries and their governments are still reluctant to provide equal opportunities to the LGBTQ+ community and regard them as a part of a diverse global culture. Mostly, the conservative leaders like U.S.’s Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro have shown little to no sympathy towards the LGBTQ+ community and their demands. However, the power of social media and the voice of the woke generation has had an immense influence on their conservative beliefs of “white supremacy” and gender inequality proponents who have been compelled to listen to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Countries like the U.S. are highly diverse in cultural and political terms. They are a nation of a population whose big portion is comprised of non-natives and immigrants. This diversity is the real reason for the country’s steady growth and unity, which is an amazing thing. However, some leaders still believe in the old ways of racism and disregard for the non-natives.

But unfortunately, this discrimination extends to the natives who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. In the highly modernized and advanced world of today, this social and political unacceptance of all humans on an equal basis is highly disappointing.

The beginning of acknowledgement…

In 2007, in Indonesia, as one of the gender-based inequality case gathered uproar, a group of experts on human rights gathered and drafted the Yogyakarta Principles that became the basis for the pronouncement and acknowledgement of the LGBTQ+ rights in the world. These principles have been translated into all United Nations official languages.

In 2011, the then U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supported the Gay Rights Movement and declared that “gay rights are human rights”. This was a leap forwards for the LGBTQ+ community that gained confidence in the conservative political environment.

The Obama Administration supported LGBTQ+ rights and dealt with the related issues as a priority. He also included transgender healthcare coverage in his Affordable Care Act. Further, he issued an executive order for the transgender employee rights safeguard and ultimately became the first U.S. president to openly voice support for same-sex marriage. This was finally materialized by the Supreme Court in 2015.

The future and its challenges

The global LGBTQ+ movement still has a long road to go. The campaigners are highly aware and conscious of their rights, though. This has created an unconscious acceptance in the minds of the youngsters who do not consider the LGBTQ+ people as “alien”. This change of mindset is itself a big success on many levels.

However, there are still many countries and cultures in the world that do not accept or acknowledge the equality of rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Mostly the underdeveloped countries are much stricter in their conduct towards same-sex marriage i.e., from social ostracization to life sentences to death penalties.

But the fact is that the LGBTQ+ community is universal and resides in every corner of the world. They are humans and deserve equal human treatment in terms of social, economic, and political terms.

The world can never be peaceful unless every single human is regarded worthy of respect and acceptance.

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