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What’s Up With All The Pasta Obsession?



There are certain foods that not just satisfy our hunger, but our hearts as well. Pasta is considered one such food.

Well, a lot of you might relate to this statement which can even be proved scientifically. Although health and fitness conscious people who are on a low-carb diet may not prefer pasta regularly, they definitely can’t resist it on their “cheat days”. There are many reasons for this likeness towards this specific food item and the various recipes with which it is cooked.

There are plenty of options for pasta lovers when it comes to various shapes, colors, flavors, recipes, and presentations. For some, it is a staple diet in their culture, while for others it is comfort food to end their insatiable late-night cravings. It is also an easy dish to be cooked within minutes, and that is why instant pasta packs are the most running item in the markets.

In any way, pasta remains one of the favorite foods of people in almost all cultures and countries. For instance, Italian pasta recipes are mostly accompanied by tomato or cream mixes, while American kinds of pasta can be full of cheese and meat or vegetables. Of course, who can beat the Korean and Chinese instant ramen?

Although pasta does not have any prominent dietary benefit as compared to meat or vegetables, when mixed with these, a small pasta dish can turn into a healthy diet. But still, many avoid it if they are gluten-intolerant as pasta is purely made of flour of different types. Pasta also includes starch and carbohydrates which can be an issue for some, but despite all this, they may succumb to their cravings once in a while.

According to a study, the starch in pasta can be of two types: maltodextrin and oligofructose. They both have different effects on different people and their satisfaction with the food they consume. These are also responsible for creating various sensitivities in many people. However, the most prominent and common effect of these is that they are filling even with a small portion of a serving, and they are also satisfying to the taste buds if cooked to the mark.

One can sum up the reasons why people love pasta:

  1. It is versatile with all the various recipes, flavors, and ingredients that can be added to it to suit one’s taste.
  2. It comes in plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, spiral (fusilli), cylindrical (penne, macaroni), thin and long (spaghetti, noodles), with a filling (ravioli), square (for lasagna), etc.
  3. Can be kept for a long time as it is hard when uncooked and thus less prone to contamination. Thus, without preservatives, raw pasta can remain fresh for months. 
  4. It is not just flour but can be made with eggs, natural vegetable water for flavor and color, and other ingredients for an extra dose of minerals and vitamins.
  5. Can be instantly cooked and served to almost anyone. A perfect go-to dish for all types of people. 

Pasta is loved by all foodies and even the health-conscious ones. They can be made nutritious with an addition of a variety of ingredients, meat, vegetables, and other things for some dash of flavor and health benefits. So, how do you like your pasta?

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