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Workplace Bullying – Impacts and Remedies



Workplace Bullying

Did you think bullying happens just within a school or college campus? No. Workplace bullying is much worse than teenage bullying. It is because of the consciousness of the act of bullying which is aimed at degrading someone out of sheer professional competition or jealousy. This is not a pardonable act as it is conducted by adults, not children who tend to release their psychological frustrations by messing around with fellows. This is what makes workplace bullying dangerous as it leaves life-long impacts not just on the career of someone, but on their mental health and social relations as well.

Bullying is something that has been recognized as a serious crime as it comes under the definition of harassment and/or intended harm to someone. When matured professionals are involved in such a damaging act, the dangers become manifold. At a workplace, every single person is responsible to follow and maintain discipline and respect for co-workers otherwise the unsafe environment of bullying and harassment will not just impede the professional progress of the workplace, but can also have serious effects on the personal lives of the individuals being bullied.

There are many reasons types of bullying in the workplace, based on various reasons such as racism, gender-based discrimination, cultural and religious bias, personal animosity, etc. However, the most prominent and common reason is seen to work/progress-related jealousy among co-workers. 


Bullying can have lasting emotional and psychological damage. It ruins professional relations which can turn into personal animosities as well. More than anything else, professionalism gets affected as the focus of the bully and the victim diverts towards each other rather than productivity at the workplace. Other than this, there are a few more impacts like:

  • Hostile work environment
  • Frequent disputes
  • Decreased focus and productivity
  • Personal animosity outside the workplace
  • Mental health issues that can affect personal life after work
  • Absenteeism 
  • Chances of legal issues and financial losses for the employers
  • Loss of job due to constant quarrels 
  • Cost of recruiting and training new employees
  • Negative public image and reputation 


To tackle the issue of workplace bullying and the resultant quarrels, some of the following remedies may be applied:

  • Strict rules and penalties 
  • There can be specific persons to tackle such issues 
  • Role of the superior authority to promote cooperation, teamwork, and positive interaction
  • Legal action can be taken against the bullies
  • Promoting employee loyalty and commitment through incentives
  • Making room for regular positive interaction and open discussions

Rules at the workplace are often broken by the bullies who think they can get away with their actions. To ensure equality and cooperation, employers must create an environment of peace and coordination instead of constant pressure and degradation. An attitude of appreciation and equal treatment can also lessen the chances of unhealthy competition and animosity at the workplace. Thus, both the employees and the employers are responsible for managing the workplace culture and environment and promoting mutual respect.

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