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10 Refreshing Summer Cocktails For 2022



Here comes the long-awaited summer that we all look forward to every year. With summer pool parties, beach trips, and backyard sunbathing, cocktails are a must. Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, a refreshing cool drink can relieve the tiredness of the season’s heat.

Summers have their charm. There are many fun things to do during summer breaks from professional or academic lives. Families come together, plan holidays, and enjoy the time. And of course, food and drinks remain the most important things to bring families and friends together at the table during this fun time.

Here are a few cocktails that can make you happy and refresh your body:

  1. Sparkling Rose cocktail

A simple, refreshing, bubbly, and sparkly drink will soothe your eyes before soothing your body. With a blend of jam or peaches pulp and tequila, this bitter-sweet drink will satiate your taste buds.

  • Banana rum

A bold and strong flavored cocktail with high-proof bourbon and light rum will make you crave more. The floral scent and sweetness are all you need to keep you calm and cool during the summer parties.

Make a glass for you while you are sunbathing or reading a book outside.

  • Rum and orange cocktail

This combo never fails. This drink works as a perfect digestif for lunch or dinner parties. With the bitterness of orange and that tangy flavor kicking in, the rum sets in your system with a refreshing hit.

You can also add grapefruit bitters or peels for an extra twist and dash of increased sourness.

  • Cucumber-Rose gin spiritz

A classic combination of gin, soda, and lemon with a twist of spices like cardamom, basil, and thin cucumber slices and its juice, is all you want in the heat. Garnish it with a few fresh rose petals and see if you can resist the temptation!

  • Seriously dirty martinis

Vodka martinis are what no one can avoid at parties. A floral martini made with olives and capers brine is what will enhance your happiness. It is also a good conversation starter.

  • Slushy frozen Negroni

The frozen Negroni is a perfect blend of bitter and tart booze with sweet slush. To make it classier, infuse blanc vermouth with whole dried hibiscus flowers for fruity aroma and flavor.

  • Tequila-Watermelon Aguas Frescas with Prosecco

How can one forget watermelons in summers? They make perfect margaritas and cocktails. Add light and lively spirits to watermelon-infused margaritas with Prosecco and see your mood changing for the good.

  • Pineapple-tequila punch

The sweetness of pineapple juice and bitterness of tequila makes this drink a wonderfully delicious combo. To give it a bit more tangy and sour taste, add small bits of pineapple and lime zest.

      Served chilled will make you party hard and have fun with lots of joy.

  • Pomegranate margarita

The sweet and sour juice of pomegranate is best for this tangy drink. One of the most liked margaritas when made with tequila and lots of ice. It is highly fragrant and will soothe your vital organs!

  1. White gold

Made with Korean Golden Barley soju and floral gin, this drink brings in that particular light creaminess and fizzy taste with the punchier, grain-forward notes of the Golden Barley. The frothy egg white will balance the highly boozy and acidic flavor making it a perfect and elegant choice.

Summer is all about sunshine and fun with friends and family. Make sure you stay hydrated, cool, and pumped up enough with these cocktails to enjoy the season’s vibes!

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