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Boric’s Presidential Victory – A New Era In Chile’s Politics




With a resounding victory in the Presidential Elections held on 19th Dec 2021, the 35-year-old Gabriel Boric Font has become Chile’s youngest President in history. He is a promising young candidate for liberal politics with social welfare and democracy to uplift the youth and the underprivileged class in the country.

Boric won with a victory of 55% votes against his radical opponent Jose Antonio Kast, who could only capture 45% votes. Kast is known to an apologist to the legacy of Chile’s brutally right-wing former President Augusto Pinochet. Boric’s ideals are in stark contrast to those of Kast’s.

Let’s see what the newly elected President stands for:

  • Socio-economic equality

The millennial President-elect Boric has remained an active student activist for the past decade and his rise to the Presidential seat has been a stunning one. His journey has been marked with bravery, open-mindedness, and a politics of welfare for the lower classes. Boric is a staunch believer and supporter of his version of social democracy in a welfare state where he intends to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor as much as possible within a short time frame he is given as a President along with creating a gender-equal society with maximum participation of all individuals.

  • Reversing the neo-liberal economic model

Chile is a country with a huge wage gap in terms of economic and political corruption and the divide between the rich and the poor. According to a previous survey by World Bank, Chile’s 25% wealth is held by the ultra-rich 1%. Boric stands to destroy this model of inequality by “making Chile the grave of neo-liberalism” which he believes is the reason behind this social injustice and inequality based on gender, economic status, and regional divide with the country.

In the time of the dictator Augusto Pinochet, Chile faced a huge economic change in terms of opening up to the world economic institutes like the IMF and WB for aids and loans. The huge sums of money obtained from these institutions were largely spent on increasing the wealth of the rich rather than being spent on social development. Resultantly, the structural adjustments were taken to repay the loans which further cripple the dependent economies under the cruel conditionalities of these economic institutions. Boric stands against all such programs that weaken Chile’s economy and create social inequality and unrest.

  • Going green by halting the huge mining programs

Ever since the victory of Boric, the market shares have declined to an astounding figure. The huge mining companies and investment corporations have taken their assets back from Chilean markets due to the uncertainty of the political situation and the likely crackdown on the mining industries 

The young President-elect is eager to stop the environmentally degenerating mining and industrial practices and opt for a greener environment. 

After a long time, the Chilean population has seen the coming of a leftist and liberal leader who is full of enthusiasm and energy to bring a social change. The majority voting in favor of this change is proof of the willingness and desire of the Chilean people to favor this change and get rid of the radically inclined old dictatorships.

Let’s see what the future holds in store for the people of Chile in the coming year when in March 2022, the President-elect will hold his Presidential office.

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