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Cozy And Classy Outfits For Your 2021 Winter Wardrobe




So the season of having a runny nose and catching colds is here. The cold outside often makes us all lazy and sometimes lethargic. However, layering up in clothes is still not a good excuse to remain unkempt or not-so-classy. You can bring in the best Clothing combinations in this season that will not just keep you warm but will attract all praises which will for sure cheer you up.

Here are a few winter clothing ideas to upgrade your wardrobe for a classy, chic, and cozy look:

  • Sherpa Jackets

With a soft, light, and fluffy touch, Sherpa jackets bring much-needed warmth in winters. They are comfortable in material and look perfect for a casual day out. Sometimes accompanied with the jeans fabric, Sherpa jackets can be both classy and chic at the same time.

For a bold and confident look, pair your (preferably) cream-colored Sherpa jacket with black jeans and loose leather boots. You can also add black sunglasses and big earrings to blend the look.

  • Plaid Wool Coats

The oversized plaid wool coats are always “in” in winters. They are warm and comfortable and become highly classy when accompanied by the right accessories. They are perfect for any occasion at any time of the day. 

A pretty leather bag and boots will enhance your overall look. Besides, they can also be paired with loose-fit jeans and sneakers for a more casual walk in the park.

  • Corduroy Quilted Jackets

Although the bulky and puffy jackets are always “in”, but that light puff in a corduroy fabric makes your jacket warm and classy at the same time.

A dark brown or a yellowish-brown shade will go any pair of pants or skirts. Specifically, medium-washed jeans and a pair of black ankle boots will enhance their charm.

  • Faux Leather Coats With Belts/Straps

Faux leather coats are a must-have for every winter season. They look best when ties with classy belts or straps around the waist. They not just enhance your figure but also provide warm and stylish comfort.

They also look better over a high-neck sweater shirt and can be easily worn with a leather bag or boots.

Olive green and light brown faux leather jackets always appear classy, by the way.

  • Turtleneck Knitted Dress

Knitted dresses are warm and charming. They do not require much layering over or under them for keeping you warm. A thick woolen long-sleeved dress with minimum accessories can be used for both formal and casual occasions. 

If they are short in length then a knee-high long boots will look awesome with them.

  • Oversized Cable-Knit Cocoon Shrugs

Cable-knit cardigans and shrugs never go out of fashion. They are the ultimate must-haves in the closet throughout the winter. They can be made formal and casual with suitable accessories.

This winter, the oversized cocoon shrugs are in trend. They are cozy and comfy enough to keep you happy.


There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to winter clothing. Winter clothing needs to be cozy and comfortable along with a stylish look and easiness to carry it for different occasions. Thus, the above-mentioned options can bring a stylish appearance and comfort together for a happy winter for you.

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