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Designer Handbag Trends In 2022




Handbags create a fashion statement that also reflects one’s overall personality. The choice of a fashion piece such as a handbag indeed determines a person’s taste in color, design, shape, and embellishments as a fashion ideal. Apart from all these aspects related to one’s aesthetic choices, a handbag is a necessity for carrying important accessories and things for daily use. That is why, for every occasion and place, there is a specifically designed handbag that can not only just satisfy the fashion requirements, but also the need of carrying personal things. 

As the New Year is coming so are the new trends in fashion. The designers are always keen on creating something unique and different every year for everyone. This year marked some interesting designs in the handbag industry which were aesthetically appealing but quite weird in eccentrically attractive ways. We say distorted shapes, edgy and pointed designs, too big or too small carry-ons, along with a burst of blended colors and hundreds of rainbow hues in a single bag. This was liked and appreciated throughout the year by models, fashionistas, and even common women all over the world.

Let’s have a look at what the designers have in mind to offer us in the approaching year 2022:

The Fanny Pack is back

Back in the 80s the front pouch or the fanny pack was the most latest and fashionable thing to carry. From kids to adults, everyone carried at least one fanny pack for secured handling of money, ID cards, and small items. These have remained ideal for travel carrying passports, tickets, cash, and small valuables safe.

So here’s the deal, they are back in trend with a touch of a contemporary style and design. The colors, material, shapes, and artsy designs will make you keep your cell phones and other stuff safe without the hassle of worrying about their safety.

These are a new trend in the belt designs which are embellished and provide a rough, hip, go-to, sporty, and youthful impression.


The tiny bags, literally

This year we saw a trend in the tiny and cute bags that seemed like that of dolls, pun intended. But they were actually carried in various fashion platforms and magazine photo shoots, along with being seen on the streets with high heels. Although these bags do not carry the aspect of utility as they are too small, but they are surely a piece of creativity and attraction.

These are going to remain in vogue in the coming year too. They are made with leather, glossy cloth, and in various shapes like pouches, boxes, triangles, round balls, etc. But the basic size remains the same i.e. tiny.


Bamboo bags

Although bamboo bags have been used in a soft material form such as canvass bags, however, a literal creation of bamboo sticks into bags seems unique.

Again, they are not of much utility value but a fashion statement that looks highly creative and appealing, especially for walking on the ramp. 


With changing aesthetic needs and tastes, the designers create various designs and products that are appealing to every person. An experimental approach with various materials and fabrics, handbags and other accessories create a unique combination in the fashion industry.

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