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Enhancing Life Quality Through 7 Dimensions Of Wellness



Human wellness is the key to a successful life in many ways. Wellness is a secret to enhanced life experiences and understanding as it fully activates all aspects of physical, emotional, social, environmental, financial, intellectual, and spiritual life. Wellness, thus, provides the required balance within and outside the human body that is essential for a happy and content life.

A quality life can only be created when all these aspects are well-connected and well-coordinated. Here is how one can achieve an enhanced life experience through these 7 dimensions of wellness:

  1. Physical dimension

Physical wellness is all about keeping your body active, healthy, and away from harmful incidents that can damage the physical organs. Life becomes easy and content when one’s physical health is good. Of course, one can only move forward towards mental, emotional, and social wellness when one’s body is sound and healthy.

To keep your physical dimension of wellness upright and going, one can consume healthy and organic food, exercise every day, abstain from addictions, and try to avoid physical injuries as much as a person can.

  • Emotional dimension

Emotional wellness consists of the ability to comprehend one’s emotions and express them in a balanced and appropriate way. Emotional imbalances can be caused through biological changes as well, however, they are controllable.

A person with a balanced emotional state remains calm, patient, and persistent in trying times. They are also good at handling personal and professional relationships with optimism, empathy, and kindness.

Apart from dealing with others, emotional wellness highly reflects a person’s ability to deal with their mind and situations. Thus, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and a positive attitude towards life are generated at all times.

  • Intellectual dimension

The intellectual abilities of a person can make him achieve his objectives in life easily. This means that with enhanced intellectual capacity, a person is able to not just excel academically, but can also find a reputable job or can do businesses with their smart approach.

Intellectual wellness can be further enhanced through certain activities like learning a new language or a musical instrument, reading and writing frequently, polishing one’s academic and technical skills through training and on-field experiences, etc.

  • Social dimension

The social dimension involves having healthy and friendly social relations and maintaining them with balance. Social dealings are only balanced when a person is not just morally principled, but also capable to engage in society through contribution and compassion.

Social coordination and respect are earned through giving. Community help and volunteering, engaging in civil society activism, sharing one’s talent, and giving back to society are the prominent ways to remain socially healthy.

  • Spiritual dimension

Spiritual wellness is related to one’s faith, personal beliefs, and attitudes towards life and everything in it. A person can achieve spiritual wellness through mindfulness, meditation, and practicing self-awareness.

Spiritual wellness is also about how a person deals with worldly adversities through patience and belief that the universe will take care of their matters. With this approach, a person will find ways through hard times and remain strong.

  • Environmental dimension

Environmental wellness reflects a person’s awareness about the environmental changes which directly affect their quality of life. This makes them remain conscious and responsible for conserving the planet.

One can practice cleanliness, recycling, and sustainable ways to ensure less pollution and more green spaces, because saving the planet shows hope in the future of humankind and life.

  • Occupational/ financial dimension

Having a stable and reliable career is something every person strives for. Material needs are fulfilled through financial stability which then ensures a stable physical and mental state.

Career goals reflect a person’s will to progress in life through healthy means. This struggle to achieve those goals then becomes the reason for their commitment and discipline in life.

Thus, occupational and financial wellness takes a person towards self-actualization.

Wellness has many dimensions but they all are connected and interdependent on one another. One must vigilant and aware of all of them and strive to achieve a balance in all these dimensions.

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