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Expected Enhancements In Your Smartphone Cameras In 2022




With the growing dependency on smartphones in daily life, the technology is also furthering itself a step ahead with each passing day. Now we have enhanced and upgraded features in every smartphone, which can make our lives a bit easier than the previous versions of these phones. 

But buckle up all the photography freaks, 2022 is bringing to you some awesome, smart phone camera enhancements that will make you seem like a professional photographer. The advanced power and range of the cameras will make you see with new eyes; in a clearer, brighter, and fascinating way.

Here are a few advanced features for your smartphone cameras that will be incorporated from 2022:

  1. Stable and powerful OIS

A lot of times, you might be able to capture a scenic view with a perfect angle, but alas, it turns out to be blurred or shaky. To avoid this and create sharply clear images, the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology is being updated in the coming year. 

This technology will provide smartphone camera users with a Dual OIS system that stabilizes the image colors and sharpness, especially for the clear silhouettes that you want to create. The shakiness and blurring of the images are counter through the lens stabilization and power increase through the “shifting” of the lens for images or videos.

OIS technology is already being enhanced every year with some added features. However, 2022 promises a Sensor-Shift technology for image stabilization which is unique in its way. This shift technology will adjust the image itself to a clearer frame along with making it stay in one place for a perfect click. The shift is controlled through an increased frequency of 5000 adjustments per second. In other words, this enhancement is an upgrade up to 5 degrees from the current ones.

  1. More balanced RGBW sensors

The color coordination and balancing are being enhanced through the more balanced and stable RGBW sensors. This will enhance your image/video experience in terms of resolution and light sensitivity.

With the increase in pixel resolution with each latest version of smartphones, the enhancement is already taking place each year. However, this time, companies like Samsung are employing the latest pixel binning technique which is algorithm-driven. This feature will enhance the pixels and thus the resultant image/video with clear light and color with specific clarity in low-light situations.

Simply put, imitating the human eye function of dilating the pupil in a darker situation, the pixel binning technique will use the smaller pixels individually to work as a more powerful whole.

  1. AI-driven portrait personalization

The already in use, AI-driven face detection is further being optimized in the coming year. This will create a more specific and adjusted portrait by recognizing them through image identification. 

Thus the image modification is underway for the next highly optimized and smarter AI-driven portrait detection and processing in terms of light, color, and clarity.

  1. Continuous optical zoom

Zoom is being optimized and stabilized through periscope lens enhancements which use innovative positioning up to 5 to 10 times enhanced optical zoom. This feature has been employed from 2021 but is being further increased in power and results capacity in the coming year.

The coming year is going to be brighter and clearer in terms of your experience to see the world through your camera’s lens. Expect a lively and scenic 2022 with high resolutions, optimized pixels, color coordination, and lens balancing for a clearer picture of the world.

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