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Green Practices For Making Hotel Industry More Sustainable




Climate change has exacerbated the threats that are not just posed to the environment, but the business industry as well. All over the world, companies and businesses are employing sustainable alternatives to their regular practices so that they could level up with the global consensus towards sustainable development. But there are still a few industries that need more efforts towards building a resilient structure and business principles that could come in line with the global expectations of green practices.

Here are a few green practices that the hospitality and hotel industry can employ to ensure sustainable business that could contribute to global efforts to tackle the climate issue:

  1.  Installing energy-saving technologies

Considering the vastness of the hospitality industry and the hotel business all around the world, it is highly important to incorporate green practices and high-tech solutions that could produce the least amount of environmental impact.

The energy-saving technologies are helping small and big industries to reduce pollution and create safe working conditions for the employees as well as the customers. For instance, using solar panels and appliances such as lighting (light bulbs/ power strips/ light sensors), heating and cooling systems, dryers, washers, freezers, etc., can be implemented.

  1. Creating a culture of conservation among guests 

With gentle reminders through verbal and visual gestures, the customers/ hotel guests could be politely encouraged to respect the hotel’s energy-saving drive. They should be encouraged to make sure to turn the unnecessary lights off and use the appliances wisely.

With little incentives and gifts to appreciate them, the hotel management can ensure more cooperation.

  1. Recycling and reusing

A lot of hotels have already replaced excessive products with sustainable and reusable items. Instead of plastic accessories, paper-made substitutes can be used. Also, recycling items can be employed by the hotel management to ensure safe waste disposal. This can be done through high-tech disposal and recycling machines for saving time and effort. 

A lot of disposable things like cutlery etc. could also be made reusable and washable. Cloth towels can be used instead of paper towels that need disposal and waste management. 

  1. Saving water 

Water usage is the most important thing for any industry. But water wastage not just results in damaging the environment, but also increases water pollution when the excess water is not properly disposed of.

Hotels can use low water laundry machines, water stations can be installed instead of giving disposable plastic water bottles to individual guests, and toilets can be replaced with less water flush systems that are equally efficient. 

  1. Planting a small garden

One of the best ways to provide organic food to the customers along with saving money from imported items, the hotels can grow their own vegetables and fruits on a small scale. This can also create a refreshing attraction for the guests who are health conscious. 

One the leftovers and vegetable/ fruit peels can be used as compost for growing fresh items. This way, one can not only recycle the food waste but can also have freshly and organically grown edibles. 

With little effort but smart ways, hotels can create a sustainable environment for the customers that will ultimately be beneficial for the environment as well. From energy-saving to recycling waste, to growing organic food, hotels can help build a sustainable hospitable industry that will bring more chances of economic growth with the least environmental damage.

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