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Integrity And A Strong Character Can Take You Places




A person’s personality is an accumulation of habits and actions that they have acquired, learned, or consciously practiced to achieve a certain manner or persona. All these traits are reflected through speech, walk, gestures, body language, choice of vocabulary, and approach to understanding things and responding accordingly. 

All the above-mentioned traits, however, are achieved through integrity and a strong character that is a result of a conscious effort to mentally, emotionally, and physically groom oneself. Integrity is always noticed through a person’s dealing with other human beings: colleagues, friends, family, kids, strangers, the people from lower social strata, even with harmless animals and other creatures. Integrity is a reflection of how a person has evolved as a human, emotionally, mentally, and intelligently.

When a person has all traits of integrity, they project a strong character which can make them popular, famous, loved, favored, and admired by the people around them. No one likes an arrogant, mean, or selfish employee; no one likes a back-biting friend; no one likes a cheating partner; no one likes a harmful stranger on the road who is always ready to fight at the slightest mishap.

But how can one achieve a noticeable level of integrity and a strong character? Here are a few traits of a person with integrity that can distinguish him from the rest:

  1. Trustworthiness and reliability 

Imagine assigning someone a task to babysit your kid while you leave for work. When you return, you catch them off-guard screaming at your child or even worse, physically abusing them. 

Would you ever trust this person again for anything to be entrusted with? NEVER.

This is how trustworthiness and honesty make or break relationships, or make you gain or lose respect. A person with strong character and integrity will have enough patience to deal with the child’s tantrums along with not breaking the principles that come along with this responsibility.

  1. Honesty and accountability

An honest person will never avoid accountability as they have nothing to hide. It is not a matter of breaching one’s privacy to prove honesty, but accountability reflects that a person has a clean slate. Only the dishonest or the corrupt ones avoid accountability.

Be it personal life or professional, accountability is a trait that speaks for the person being honest, sincere, and reliable. Would you hire an employee who breaches the trust and then runs away to avoid accountability? NOPE.

  1. Humility and gratitude

According to mind sciences, a person’s mental and emotional vibrations attract similar things from the universe. People with high vibrational emotional and mental states attract abundance, peace, favors, and wish grants. But all this happens with one simple act: gratitude.

Similarly, in professional life, a gracious person always acquires favors from seniors. With gratitude comes humility which makes you earn the respect of the subordinates, poor, or the ones who are down on the social ladder. 

Thus, a gracious and humble person is never disliked or looked down upon. They spread love and peace wherever they go.

  1. Empathy, generosity, sharing 

People with integrity are open-minded, acceptable, and empathetic towards others’ needs and pains. They are open to giving, receiving, and sharing emotional support, financial help, or any gesture of kindness. 

Integrity also creates generosity in people which makes them share without regrets. Of course, as the wise say; a generous person never goes destitute! 

  1. Hopefulness, patience, perseverance 

A person with integrity is always hopeful for the future. They are positive in negative situations and patient in trying times. They are resilient and do not complain about the hardships, instead, they focus all their energies on finding solutions.

With this mindset, they overcome hardships with grace and come out even stronger. A person of integrity also never forgets the ones who need help in trying times along with him. Thus, they take care of everyone facing a dire situation and lead them towards finding solutions with motivation and courage.

Integrity is a trait that strengthens your character and makes you earn respect and honor. Humanity might not understand each other’s language and culture, but each person definitely understands and feels gestures of honesty, kindness, generosity, positivity, and humility.

Let’s all speak the universal language of love which can only be spoken through a strong character and integrity in all situations.

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