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Job Vs Business – What’s Better?



A 9 to 5 job is something of convenience for many, but it has its own inconveniences as well. Similarly, having one’s own business seems like a wonderful idea, but it can also open up many difficult paths for you. So, which option is better?

A lot of people manage both. But they have to juggle a lot of things. This can become quite hectic and can take a toll on work/life balance. But to utilize one’s full potential to drive maximum results, experts suggest sticking to one endeavor at a time. Sounds fair, but what if one is not enough for someone to make ends meet?

Very many people indulge in their hobbies once they settle in their regular day jobs. They find out time or manage to take some time out to feed their passions and hobbies. Others tend to convert those hobbies into small-scale side businesses.

Whether it is a job that you are doing for someone else’s company or a business that you run yourself, both have the same aim, i.e., to earn maximum profits or ways of livelihood. In many cultures and urban setups, one is preferred over the other. But they both thrive when a person gives their complete focus and dedication to what they do to earn a decent living.

Some remain immensely happy with their jobs and the perks and privileges that come with them, while others remain satisfied with the business they run and the outcomes they receive. But some smartly manage to balance both and still find out time to engage in healthy hobbies and self-care. Sounds other-worldly, right?

Let’s compare the pros and cons of both ways of finding livelihood:


  • Jobs are best for convenience and finding a stable workspace where the workload is divided. You do your job and get paid for it. It is a simple way of living a comfortable and routine life.
  • Jobs ensure stable financial income at a fixed time. They are also beneficial in the form of incentives, increments, and bonuses in case of exceptional performance and dedication.
  • Jobs create a healthy routine that involves engaging peers and people from various cultures to work for a specific goal.


  • Business is better for those who have a passionate goal in mind which they want to materialize through their business. Businesses are ideal working environments for the ones who do not prefer working within deadlines or under anyone else’s command.
  • The business provides decision-making power and flexibility to change things according to an individual’s own choices.
  • Businesses are also ideal for the ones who want to bring a change in society through their creative ideas. Besides, businesses create jobs for others and instead of being an employee, they make you an employer.

Despite varying benefits and risks in both jobs and businesses, one thing is common; they both require similar levels of dedication, time, effort, and growth options. No work or means of livelihood in the world comes easy. A person has to be prepared for hard and smart work within a specific frame of work ethics. Only then can they achieve their goals.

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