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Keep Your Brain Healthy And Active With These Tips




As we age, so does our brain. But there are many things that we can apply in daily life to maintain a Healthy Brain that can function smoothly even in old age.

When it comes to keeping your body healthy one can create a lifestyle of healthy eating habits and regular physical movement. But how can one boost up the brainpower and keep it healthy for a long time? 

You might have seen brain activating cognitive games like puzzles, chess, Sudoku, etc. But they are not enough to maintain a healthy, chemical flow to the brain cells. 

“Good cholesterol” is actually good for the brain

As the experts say that good cholesterol or HDL must be present in the body to help all the vital organs to function properly. This is true, especially when we age, our bodies lose nutrients and liquids which also result in dry skin, hair loss, blood reduction, and related diseases. 

To keep the brain functions in working condition, one needs to have lubricated veins and arteries that can smoothly transfer oxygen and blood to the brain. Too much cholesterol might clog the pathways while too little can dry up the pathways that can also lead to a lack of oxygen transfer. Thus, a balanced cholesterol rate i.e. Above 60, is ideal.

Make sure to intake cholesterol-reducing drugs but continuous and unchecked use of them can also lead to loss of too much of it. Consult your healthcare provider for proper guidance and a balanced rate with the growing age.

Don’t keep the body static for long periods

A simple 10-minute workout can reap life-long benefits. When creating this habit at a younger age, it can go with you for a lifetime. Physical exercise is not only good for physical health but is ideal for mental peace, better hormonal balance, a proper heart rate, and a calm mind that can lead to better decision making and perseverance in times of crisis. 

Along with this, a 15-20 minute walk can also make you stay young for long. The blood flow to the brain is inactivated through a regular walk which can uplift your mood as well. a regular walking routine is also beneficial for the knees and joints of the lower body and can retain more energy throughout the day. The best time, however, is early morning for a walk, but a night routine before sleeping can also be equally beneficial.

Don’t forget to read

Reading is the best activity for the brain that will keep you smart in old age. It keeps the brain in function and maintains intelligence as the focus is given to the thought process which activated the brain neurons. 

You must have seen writers and literati persons doing their mental work even in their 80s or 90s. They might have weak bodies by then, but their brains function just as properly. A reading mind also has a high chance of avoiding brain-damaging diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Thus, it is better to develop reading habits in children as it will go with them in old age. No doubt they say that books are a person’s best friend in old age. 

Without proper brain functioning, even healthy bodies can’t survive easily. One needs to keep the brain in order with healthy habits and mental activities that can help us as we age.

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