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Less Is More – Minimalist Makeup Tips For 2022




This year brings in the minimalist trends in makeup and beauty styling. Even the hairstyles are going simple and elegant with the least effort. The celebrities can be seen on Instagram with “no makeup” looks which is a projection of the least use of makeup products on the face to give it a natural look.

Let’s explore some tips and tricks for creating a flawless minimalist makeover this year:

Before going minimal in beauty and makeup products, make sure you de-clutter all the unnecessary products sitting in your makeup boxes for years. Remove all the expired products and give away any low-quality or too heavy stuff like thick bases or super bright blushers that you have never used so far. Remember, if you still are hoarding a lot of makeup stuff, you will be tempted to use it and won’t be able to stick to a minimalist approach.

Choose a light base

Light but high-quality bases are trending on social media. A lot of brands are offering “all-in-one” bases that work as a base, compact, or puff powder meaning that by applying a thin layer of these you won’t need anything else over them to make them stay on the skin.

These bases are normally natural-looking with the minimum amount of chemicals that can damage the skin. They are best for an everyday look, professional/workplace beauty routines, a lunch date, or maybe a day out shopping.

They will keep your skin even and covered without apparently being visible. Just make sure to choose the exact skin tone shade for yourself for best results.

Natural contour with a bronzer

Contouring can be very important to highlight your specific features such as jawline, cheekbone, nose, etc. It can turn a chubby face into a sharply contoured one. The key is to keep it minimum yet in the right place with the right amount and to find facials near me feel free to get in touch with our experts.

Applying a nude or light transparent highlighter over the cheekbones and nose line can give a natural shimmer and a hydrated look.

The focus remains on the eyebrows 

You must have seen thick natural-looking eyebrows trending for past year. Grow your brows and keep them a bit unplucked from the edges although maintaining their natural shape with a tweezer. Don’t make them too thin as that is an outdated trend now.

Keep the focus on the brows and shape them with a light mascara application or a clean mascara brush dipped in castor oil or gel. With prominently shaped and kempt brows, your face can look neat and well-maintained.

Mascara is a must

With very light makeup only mascara can bring elegance to your look. Even if you skip eyeliner, eye shadow, or a kohl pencil, a properly applied thick mascara will give you an enhanced look. 

A good quality thick mascara is better than false lashes for a minimal look.

Keep the lips natural and fuller-looking

With a light lip tint or a nude shade of lipstick, you can create a natural everyday look. Lips are the most striking feature of anyone’s face that needs to be enhanced naturally. 

A transparent lip gloss will work just right.

Makeup choice is a reflection of one’s personality and preferences in terms of beauty and personal upkeep. However, with the trending style, a natural look will go with almost any event or occasion. 

Choose your beauty products wisely and create a balanced natural look this year.

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