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Millennials Are Choosing to Stay Single – But Why?




Among all the generations, millennials (Gen Y) are much talked about. Also known by the nicknames such as Gen Me, Gen We, Gen Next, Generation Now, MyPod generation, Echo Boomers, and Generation Waking Up, they are considered as the “young” and the most innovative generation. Millennials usually have a unique and interesting set of habits, perspectives, and manners of dealing with personal and professional issues however they are also being discussed frequently about their choice in personal relationships, the romantic ones in particular. In short, millennials are rapidly moving towards staying single in the modern world. Let’s explore why… 


Millennials are mostly known for their distinctive personality traits and work ethics. Of course, not each millennial can fit in these definitions, but the majority does. Generally speaking, millennials possess the following interesting characteristics:

  • They are generally hard-working and consistent (especially in terms of establishing and managing businesses).
  • They are voracious readers. They prefer paper books over e-books.
  • A large population of millennials relies on parents for financial support as they are at a financial disadvantage from the preceding generations.
  • Goal-keeping and self-improvement are what they like. That is why most self-help book writers are millennials.
  • They are better educated and informed than the previous generations.
  • They are politically active. A large portion of the U.S. Congress is of millennial leaders.
  • They are generally overworked and over-stressed out than the Gen Zers. According to the American Psychologist Association (APA), millennials have a stress rate of 5.8 on a scale of 1-10, compared to 5.0 for the Baby Boomers. The anxiety levels are also high among millennials.
  • They are the trendsetters of excessive traveling and exploring.
  • They are more prone to type 2 diabetes and heart conditions, despite being inclined towards vegan food and a healthy diet.
  • They are tech-savvy and are the pioneers in e-commerce and digital businesses.
  • They are open-minded, adaptable, and open to diversity. They prefer loyalty in relationships rather than ethnic or religious roots.
  • Overall, millennials are perfectionists.

But what do all these traits have to do with millennials choosing to stay single? Let’s see:

As mentioned above, millennials are hardworking and focused on their career more than their personal lives. That is why a large population of millennials, mostly men, are accused by their families to remain absent for more than needed. This negatively affects the immediate relationships which make the millennials further stressed. That is why millennials in their early 30s are now preferring to stay single and engage in traveling and online businesses rather than staying at one place and juggling work and family. This type of life, of course, can’t afford long-term relationship ties. 

Secondly, researches have shown that millennials have faced more heartbreak in terms of romantic relationships than the Gen Z population. That is due to the overly sensitive and dedicated nature of the millennials which often results in serious heartbreaks or traumatic breakups. That is why millennials are finding ways to remain single and find online professions to earn and invest in travel and self-improvement more than ever before. 

Finally, due to financial constraints as mentioned above, millennials are choosing to stay single, in temporary relationships, or co-habiting with partners without legal marriages. This is one of the main reasons for avoiding long-term commitment for millennials. Due to this the divorce rate in the U.S. is much higher among millennial couples than Gen Z.

There are many social and financial reasons for millennials to remain single, although not all choose to do so. Seeing the high divorce rate among millennials and their preference for financial stability and growth, the researchers believe that Gen Z will outnumber them in the coming years if the trend to remain single keeps growing. If this happens, it might become strenuous in the future for the remaining millennials to choose a suitable partner for their age and emotional and mental inclinations.


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