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Pakistan Mobilizing The OIC For Saving Afghanistan




Putting the Geopolitics, Strategic complications, and personal rivalries aside, the world is unanimously consensual over the humanitarian aid for the common poor people of Afghanistan who have nothing to do with the US war, Taliban takeover, or any other regional conflict. They need food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and employment to survive.

With the Taliban takeover of the country, the poverty-ridden Afghans are now in a dangerously fatal survival mode where they do not just need basic health facilities but a long-term solution to their socio-economic miseries. If the world doesn’t act soon, according to the World Food Organization, almost over a million Afghans will die of severe hunger, harsh weather conditions, and lack of basic health support.

Considering the dire need to aid the Afghans, the world leaders, especially the regional countries have been mobilizing the United Nations’ platform for a lasting economic solution so that the Taliban could prevent the collapse of a huge nation. If this happened, the whole region will be prone to another war that can spill into the world as the Taliban also face internal ethnic rivalry against the IS-Khorasan and other groups. If the government fails to help the common people, they might seek refuge in other countries or may join the ranks of such highly dangerous ethnic groups. Of course, poverty is the root cause of all evils, including extremism and terrorism!

Pakistan’s Efforts

Pakistan is already hosting more than 1.4 million Afghans in the last two decades. With the rising inflation, economic burdens, and the growing strategic security concerns in the region, the country might find it burdensome to host further Afghan refugees. Besides, with the ethnic and cultural ties with the Afghans and the North-Western region of Pakistan, there are dangers of further influx into the country due to the porous border at the Durand line between the two neighbors.

Pakistan’s PM has shown serious concerns over tackling the issue of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan which can cost the whole region economically, politically, and strategically if not taken care of on a timely basis. Therefore, his government has mobilized the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for a combined effort to help Afghanistan, a “brotherly” nation.

The 17th Extraordinary Session of OIC for Afghanistan, a meeting of the foreign ministers, is a laudable and tremendous effort by Pakistan who is much more worried than the other countries as the PM Imran Khan reiterated the “spillover and highly dangerous impact of the Afghan humanitarian crisis and economic meltdown in the region and beyond”. This statement explains the actual goal of the OIC meeting in mid-December, 2021. 

With the joint efforts, the 57 member states of the Organization along with the invited members of the UN’s P5+ unanimously agreed on the immediate relief for the Afghans. In this regard, Saudi Arabia pledges 1 billion Saudi riyals while the other member states successfully decide to set up a joint fund for Afghanistan. 

The Western powers have joined and lauded the timely effort by Pakistan to control the situation in the region. An OIC session of this sort has been hosted by Pakistan after 40 years. 

The world awaits a positive situation in Afghanistan’s economic and political landscape with the combined help of the world.

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