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Style Trends Are All About A Mix And Blend Of Everything



Fashion trends are now making strides with a blend of everything you have seen so far. The casuals are being blended with formals and shorts are mixed with longs. Plains with sparkly and so it goes. But of course, you can always go casual with a plain white tee and classic denim which never goes old.

In all seasons, the brands are promoting a customized look for each individual. This means that you can wear whatever you like and it won’t be labeled as “outdated”. Of course, this freedom has some limits but overall we are seeing a colorful blend of various shades and patterns.

One of the amazing and interesting things we are seeing this spring-summer time is the mix of suits, types of denim, skirts, slip dresses, and lingerie. Sounds weird but looks chic, though.

Let’s have a look at the top fashion trends in 2022:

  1. Floor-sweeping hemlines

After the shorter mini skirts the previous year, this year is all about classy long hemlines that are smooth and flowy. Light-weight and cool materials are being used to design these long dresses that can also provide an extra height illusion to any person with a perfect pair of heels. For casual looks, though, thick platforms are pretty much the trend.

  • Sloping sleeves

The sleeves are hanging low from the shoulders and they are quite bulky, big, and with puffs on the shoulders. In almost all types of fabrics, these can be given a classy and semi-formal look that looks both casual and elegant.

The top brands are bringing in loose sloping sleeves on a fitted or loose dress. The puffy sleeves remind us of the 1930s classy trends.

  • Brushed knitwear with colorful prints

The brushed knitwear is trending already with light summer colors. Stripes and tie-and-dye prints are hugely trending. This fall is going to be full of this light-weight and cloudy-colored baggy knitwear dresses, shirts, pants, coats, etc. Fluffy mohairs, angoras, and wools are being used to design these dresses.

  • Corsets comeback with a modern touch

Traditionally, corsets were a symbol of highlighting feminine figures and keeping them like them through forced and too tight bodices. However, 2022 brings corsets with a tech-inspired unique modern look that is meant to assert feminine power rather than keeping it submissive and tied within uncomfortable dress pieces.

These give a blend of the modern style with traditional touches.

  • Classic white tees and denims

Denim has remained in style for decades and never goes out of fashion. They are classic, chic, casual, and easy to carry and wear anywhere, almost any time of the year.

The plain white tees are “in” with a variety of denim designs. Loose baggy pants, mom jeans, high-waited pants, straight-fit pants, and bell-bottom denim pants are taking strides everywhere.

Fashion trends keep on changing every year. This year is going to be full of classy, colorful, and lively prints. The design and fabrics are flowy, breezy, light-weight, and classy at the same time.

How are you going to remake your wardrobe this year?

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