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Transforming The Cannabis Industry For General Benefit



Harmful Addictions

Cannabis has remained a topic for debate for decades owing to its benefits if used efficiently. A lot has been said regarding the harmful addictions created by the cannabis plant, but the past decade has also enabled researchers to reflect on the health benefits of this plant. These findings have led to the legalization of the cannabis plant in Canada, Europe, and some parts of the US. 

The cannabis plant has been used as a medicinal source for many diseases like mental illnesses, anxiety, stress, chronic stomach and heart conditions, etc. These benefits were discovered by the tribal people of native America and many parts of Asia. However, with excess use or rather abuse of cannabis, the plants can get highly addictive and intoxicating. That is why it was legally banned in many countries but now with the emergence of its benefits, especially for the diseases like Alzheimer’s and autism, this plant has been legalized in many regions.


Here are some of the benefits that have been surfaced through technology and can be further enhanced for the use of people in an assisted environment:

DNA sequencing

The cannabis Sativa plant is highly beneficial and a wonderful source of producing brain-altering chemicals. These can be used to cure many brain diseases, even for reversing the damages or the effects of old age.

Researchers have found chemicals in this plant that can produce cannabinoids including CBC which has immensely important and effective anti-inflammatory impacts. These can be used to alter the genes and DNA sequencing for the more stable growth of organs. 

Besides, the Sativa plant can also be used to extract chemicals that can be used to grow more Sativa plants through insertion in yeast and molds. This can speed up industrial growth without a single plant itself!

Personalized healing/curing products

People find it quite tricky to find the right balance between the THC and CBD for a perfect vape or oil experience. That is why they either create overdose that leads to intoxication and addiction or intakes less amount that does not bring the desired effects.

Therefore, the cannabis industry has been researching for a balanced amount of the chemicals of THC and CBD for long-term health stability. It is important to create the right balance of the cannabis chemicals in the body to create health benefits.


There are majorly four types of cannabis plants, each having its unique benefits: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and Ruderalis. These all have their specific qualities and methods of use. Traditionally, Sativa is good for the body while Indica is best for the mind. 

With a balanced blend of specific plants, researchers can create medicines and cures for many diseases especially insomnia, ADHD, joint and muscle pain, osteoporosis, seizures, migraines, nausea, etc. These cures can be made in the form of oils, scents, tablets, gummies, chocolate bars, or used as vape oils to be inhaled.


The chemicals in cannabis plants are naturally more dissolvent in oil bases rather than water. That is why they are used in oils and thick greasy liquids for use. However, in water bases, only a few of the beverages are capable of dissolving the cannabis chemicals. These can be used to create nanoencapsulation for long-term use. In other words, they can be preserved for other substances and longer uses.

Cannabis plants are highly useful for health benefits. They can alter the gene composition in humans for finding cures for chronic illnesses. Mental and physiological cures can be found from these chemicals.

With a balanced and limited use of the cannabis plant’s chemicals, the natural benefits can save many lives.

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