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Ways To Measure Success And Progress Towards Goals



Success is always the ultimate goal of any endeavor one get begins. However, success is a gradual process that must be checked and re-worked from time to time to ensure smooth progress towards the bigger aims. But how do we measure success and outcomes?

Be it one’s personal life or professional, no one wants to be left behind. We all have our goals which are achieved through short and long-term objectives on the way. One by one, when all the smaller objectives are achieved, a person gets closer to their ultimate goal.

Ways to measure success

Here are a few ways through which a person can see how far they have come and what more needs to be done. This reassessment of one’s progress is the key to ensuring an unhindered passage towards goal attainment.

  1. Compare your today with yesterday

Self-assessment is one of the best ways to examine one’s progress. compare your present self and life with yesterday. Have you grown in understanding and cooperation? Have you become more organized? Have you been able to keep relationships and professional life balanced? A few such introspective questions will make you aware of your progress so far.

If any answer comes in negative, work on it from today!

  • Track your smaller objectives

Daily tasks ensure progress towards the ultimate goal. When smaller everyday objectives are achieved, they contribute to the bigger ultimate success in the future. The working for future goals begins with today’s efforts.

Track your daily progress and make sure you stick to the “plan” for future goal attainment. Each individual task of today will ensure a step ahead towards success.

  • Assess your principles and values

Every person has a way of moving forward with a specific method. This can be ethical, intellectual, or philosophical. A person’s beliefs and values determine how far they are going to go. Moral principles and ethical values must never be compromised over long-term goals.

Thus, keep a check on your values and dealings in personal and professional life as these will keep your integrity and worth intact.

  • Work on your communication skills

Communication is not only about professional expertise in negotiating or managing tasks, it is equally important in personal life as well. Now and then, assess yourself and see how many friends have you lost or gained due to poor or good communication capability.

A good communicator is always a good listener too. If people value you as a good listener, you have progressed as a person.

  • Assess your work/life balance

A lot of people tend to do perfectly at work but they are miserable partners, for instance. Being a balanced person in personal and professional life is essential for holistic and long-term success in life in general.

Pause for a moment, and analyze your work and home management and balance. Are you taking up a lot of time at work and ignoring your family or friends? Or are you too lazy to go to work and depend on your partner more than you should be?

Take a breath, and analyze. Work/life balance is the key to emotional and mental peace.

Having a sound relationship with one’s self in the most important task that a person would ever come across in life. But it is not that easy. More than professional success, the real success lies in the degree of inner satisfaction with whatever a person does in life and what they have achieved so far.

A balanced personal and professional life, thus, is the actual success.

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