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Whirling Meditation To Open Up The Chakras




For centuries, meditative processes have remained ingrained in human spiritual rituals and methods. They are considered essential ways to open up the inner horizons or the “third-eye” which reflects a person’s effort to connect with the Divine Order of the universe on a spiritual level. We have seen these methods being practically applied in the Hindu yogis, Buddhist monks, and Muslim whirling Sufi dervishes’ practices to connect with the Higher Being; the idea is to “know thyself”, as Plato has advised. 

This is however done by raising one’s vibrations to match the higher frequencies of the universe which attract and manifest abundance, well-being, growth, balance, and an overall harmonious biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual synchronicity with the universal and natural patterns.

The science behind rotating/whirling one’s body

When it comes to whirling, this specific practice symbolizes a lot of things in spiritual terms. First, it resembles the rotation of the earth in a counter-clockwise direction along with the whirling of the whole galaxy in round motions. 

Second, from a proton rotating within an atom’s nucleus to human blood and its particles, everything moves in a particular motion and direction; so do our thoughts and emotions which need to be synchronized with the rotational direction of the universe. 

Third, every thought and emotion is a vibration, a certain frequency. Energy itself is a frequency at different levels. Once a person understands its levels and matches its vibration with the universal vibration, he/she can attract higher good and positive outcomes in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. 

The idea is that the whole universe is in motion so is our being. Motion and movement are signs of life and being alive.

As for the direction of the meditative whirling i.e. counter-clockwise, the concept behind this particular direction is that in meditative sciences, clockwise direction represents giving out one’s energies to the universe while counter-clockwise represents receiving all abundance, positivity, and anything good that the universe has in store for us. Thus, counter-clockwise directs one’s energies to attract the greater good. This direction is thus considered ideal for receiving or manifesting one’s wishes and dreams into reality and trusting the universe to deliver those to you. 

The science of Chakras

In spirituality (independent of any religious belief), the Chakras represent a person’s different spiritual levels which can be activated through specific physical practices or the highly concentrated power of the thought. 

There are 7 major Chakras in the human body’s endocrine system within seven major glands. These glands are responsible for creating, releasing, and controlling the hormones in the body that determine a person’s overall emotional, physical, and psychological wellbeing.


When a person concentrates their energies and thoughts on a particular Chakra, the gland located at that place releases the hormones responsible for creating a particular effect. For instance, the Crown Chakra has a Pineal gland that is responsible for controlling and balancing the working of all other glands. It also releases melatonin which is the chemical for stability, peaceful impact on bodily vibrations, and thus creates a sense of calmness and positivity. That is why the pineal gland has been termed “The Seat of the Soul” by Rene Descartes, the famous French philosopher.

Similarly, other glands have specific functions that can be harmonized and balanced through a highly meditative thought process. This process is, of course, supported by scientific evidence that resonates with the spiritual processes and the rituals of the Sufis, yogis, monks, or anyone who walks on the spiritual path.

Creating a balanced mental and emotional life is the key to all forms of material and worldly success in all walks of life. Only a person whose heart, mind, and body are at peace can think through clearly in all situations of life. This is therefore the secret to success.

Thus, the meditative practices of whirling and spinning can open up our Chakras and synchronize the mind and body vibrations with the universal frequencies. This will ultimately create a sense of balance and contentment within us.

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