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Why Is It Really Hard To Mind Our Own Business?



We often come across someone calling us out to “mind your business”. It can happen in any personal, social, or professional sphere where more than one person is interacting. In such cases, one wonders, is it really that hard to not interfere in other people’s lives? 

When anyone asks to stay away or mind their own business, what they really imply is that do not interfere in my life, or do not tell me what to do, or maybe, do not judge me. Although apparently, this works as a reflex action in the human instinct of survival which makes them feel vulnerable. Thus, as a counterattack, humans tend to defend themselves by reflecting such provocative or harsh behavior. But is it worth it?

Let’s come to think of it, why do we have to have this sense of fear or vulnerability all the time? Even in close relations like family, friends, and peers, we have the tendency to retaliate with verbal or physical abuse. This attitude may not become visible unless some conflict occurs, but again, the question is, why can’t we resolve the conflicts in a peaceful manner instead of instantly resorting to violence or verbal abuse?

According to the experts, it all depends on the initial conditioning in a person’s life. This makes them aware of the competition around them and thus triggers their survival instinct. Human beings have been trained to compete, avenge, and defend themselves in case of adversity. That is why when problems hit, everyone becomes selfish enough to save themselves and hurt fellow human beings.

But there is another aspect to this inclination as well which reflects how much humans want to interfere in other people’s business more than their own. That is why we have gossip groups among both men and women. Although morally it is one of the lowest forms of human behavior and perspective, however, we still see it everywhere. There are times when office colleagues might want to peek into your personal life issues, or not-so-sincere relatives might want to see how much you are faring in professional life. Again, and unfortunately, all this comes as a result of considering one another as a competing fellow being, rather a part of the same entity, i.e. humanity.

When people try to meddle in someone else’s business they are actually trying to showcase themselves as superior as or stronger than that person. By highlighting one’s weakness, many try to degrade others so that they could feel strengthened and powerful in the group or society. This sense of pulling others down again comes from the social, emotional, and psychological conditioning that revolves around the aspect of superiority and competition. The whole of winning and losing remain the basic hurdle in the way towards mutual respect, cooperation, and harmony.

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